10 Bedtime Stories in Spanish and English with Audio Volume 2

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  • 10 fun stories for kids with ages 6-12 years old: perfect for bedtime or for pleasurable reading and listening any time of the day!
  • Written in parallel text to boost your children’s Spanish and English language skills.
  • Improve listening and pronunciation with the free audio: the stories are narrated in two languages—an English version narrated by a native English speaker, and a Spanish version by a native Spanish speaker.
  • Also great for adults looking for a fun way to learn Spanish or English.

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Spanish-English Bedtime Stories for Kids and Kids at Heart

Are you raising your kids to become bilingual? Reading is a good way to help you achieve that.

Reading will help boost your child’s language skills, enhance his or her imagination, and pave the way for a lifelong love of reading.

Spanish and English Stories with Audio

Children’s stories in Spanish and English will introduce your children to the joys of reading while helping them improve their Spanish and English proficiency at the same time. A supplementary audio will also boost their listening skills while providing a wonderful audio companion before bedtime.

Short stories with enjoyable themes for children

Parallel text to boost comprehension

Free audio to improve listening

Introducing: 10 Bedtime Stories in Spanish and English 

Here’s an e-book your kids will surely love! Filled with 10 fun and original stories for kids with ages 6-12 years old, it’s perfect for bedtime or for pleasurable reading any time of the day!

  • Written in parallel text to boost your children’s Spanish and English language skills.
  • Improve listening and pronunciation with the free audio
  • Great for adults, too!

10 Fun and Engaging Stories 

Featuring a wide array of enjoyable themes, parents can rest assured that the material in this book is highly suited for children.

  1. Vacaciones en el Mar (Vacation at Sea)
  2. Joel y el Monstruo del Jardín (Joel and the Garden Monster)
  3. Didier Aprende a Pescar (Didier Learns to Fish)
  4. Alice en el Mercado de Pulgas (Alice at the Flea Market)
  5. El Cumpleaños de Mamá  (Mom’s Birthday)
  6. Lisa y La Oruga Misteriosa (Lisa and the Mysterious Caterpillar)
  7. Sandra y Michele (Sandra and Michele)
  8. El Sombrero del Tío Jack (Uncle Jack’s Hat)
  9. La Nueva Escuela de Jessica (Jessica’s New School)
  10. Christophe, el Mago Principiante (Christophe the Novice Magician)

Written in Parallel Text to Boost Comprehension

Each paragraph is written in both Spanish and English---first in Spanish, followed by its English equivalent. You can also read the stories in Spanish only or in English only: perfect for bilingual children whether native Spanish or English speakers!

Free Audio to Improve Listening Skills

The stories are recorded in two ways---an English version narrated by a native English speaker, and a Spanish version narrated by a native Spanish speaker. The audio is designed as a perfect supplement to help the readers learn the correct pronunciation and improve their listening skills in an enjoyable manner.

Not just for children---it’s great for adults, too!

This book is suitable for children, but adults can also enjoy it. Whether you plan to improve your Spanish (or English) through a fun method or you’re simply in it for the joy of reading a short story, this book is also great for adults.

Should You Buy This?

If you are any of the following, this is for you:

  • You have bilingual kids with ages 6 -12 that you want to be proficient in both Spanish and English
  • You are looking to bond with your children while listening to or reading short stories
  • You are an adult Spanish learner (at any age) who is looking for fun and engaging reading materials to supplement your learning

Technical Details:

  • ​​​​10 short stories
  • 50 pages
  • Total of 120 minutes of audio (60 mins. English, 60 mins. French)

                                                                 What's in this book?


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6 reviews for 10 Bedtime Stories in Spanish and English with Audio Volume 2

  1. Elizabeth Atkins

    Bedtime Stories Vol. 2 offers a great way to learn Spanish for adults and kids alike. Reading it with my boys was a fun experience and we all learned some new words.

  2. Krishna

    “Great book! clearly written in Spanish and English translation or geared toward a reading level. Wonderful story, highly enjoyable for kids and adults.The story teaches several really great lessons”.

  3. Maria

    The stories in this collection are very cute and entertaining. As a mom who has taken some Spanish classes, I also enjoyed listening to the stories and following along with the Spanish and English text.

  4. Mehmoona Tanvir

    The audiobook is a great learning tool for everyone. My Spanish is at intermediate level at the moment and this book has helped me pick up new words and phrases. I can relate to the stories in English as well which makes them more enjoyable

  5. Alysha Ridl

    I went with this book because I’ve been studying the Spanish language for several years, and I also think it’s important to teach children another language while they are little. I am not fluent in Spanish, but I have a good understanding. This book is cleverly laid out. A paragraph in Spanish, followed by the same paragraph in English. There is also accompanied audio in both English and Spanish. Making it a great tool to check on your pronunciation. So whether you are learning Spanish or English, this may be one of the best ways to go (to submerge yourself into the language).
    I really found this book helpful and my daughter enjoyed the stories.
    The only thing I would improve on is maybe making it more visually appealing. Especially, if the stories are directed towards kids.

  6. Marina Soares

    Wish I had discovered this right when I started to learn this languages!

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