Spanish Phrasebook

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A Comprehensive Spanish Phrasebook for Travel and Everyday Use

  •  1,000+ Spanish words and expressions translated into English. Perfect for travelers and Spanish-learners alike.
  • Comes with easy phonetic pronunciation guide.
  • Audio tracks included  for listening and pronunciation practice.
  • Pronunciation guide to help you nail the correct Spanish sound.
  • A two-way Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary.

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Spanish Phrasebook for Travelers and Learners

Whether you are planning to take a trip or trying to kick-start your lessons in Spanish, you need an extensive Spanish phrasebook that will help you say the right things at the moments you need them the most.

You can make your traveling experience in Spanish-speaking destinations as smooth as possible with phrases and vocabulary that will help you speak Spanish in a simple manner that will clearly get your point across.

Essential Phrases to Build Your Confidence in Speaking Spanish

You need a phrasebook that will equip you with all the necessary words and phrases that will make it easier for you to travel around any Spanish-speaking country. 

The right phrasebook for you is comprehensive and covers everything you need to enjoy your travels; it also has a phonetic pronunciation guide and an audio accompaniment.

Comprehensive list of important phrases

Pronunciation Guide

Audio Supplement

Introducing: Spanish Phrasebook by

Get all the essential Spanish words and expressions you need to travel around a Spanish-speaking destination.

  • 1,000+ Spanish words and expressions translated into English. Perfect for travelers and Spanish-learners alike.
  • Comes with easy phonetic pronunciation guide.
  • Audio tracks included for listening and pronunciation practice.

1,000+ Spanish Phrases Sorted into Themes for Quick Navigation

From basic phrases to problems you may encounter while traveling, say the right things at the moments you need them most. Formatted for easy navigation, the phrases are sorted into different categories, and the clickable table of contents makes it easy for you to browse and locate topics quickly.

Simple Phonetics for Easy Pronunciation

Each phrase or sentence comes with simple phonetics to help you quickly pronounce words and phrases like native speakers do.

Audio for Pronunciation and Listening Practice

Aside from the useful pronunciation guide, you will also get free audio tracks to help you pronounce Spanish sounds properly. Follow along with the Spanish narration and give your listening skills a quick boost, too!

Perfect for Travelers and Learners Alike

Whether you are:

  • A complete beginner who wants to give your Spanish an instant boost.
  • Someone who learned Spanish before and wants to reactivate it.
  • A traveler who wants to navigate through a Spanish-speaking destination with the help of a good phrasebook.

…this book is for you.

Technical Details:

  •  1,000+ useful Spanish words and expressions with English translations and pronunciation guide
  •  Audio files


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12 reviews for Spanish Phrasebook

  1. Lily E.

    I found the content of the book very ideal for anyone planning to travel to a Spanish speaking country. The explanation of how to pronounce each word and the audios very helpful. I definitely recommend it!

  2. Olivia Barth

    I enjoyed this book very much. It is awesome for beginners as well as people who wish to brush up on the language I took Spanish for a few years and I found it very helpful especially since I have been out of practice! The book goes over phrases from various topics, especially ones that come up in everyday conversation. Lastly, I loved how they had the phonetics of how to say each word.

  3. Arina Morozova

    This Spanish phrase is a must-have either you are traveling to Spain, working with Spanish speakers or even for self-educating. The book is very useful since it contains all information for any imaginable situation. For easy learning how to spell all the phrases the book provides a phonetic transcription of each word. And more than that it gives the option to listen all the chapters! And all of that in one book is really affordable. Definitely recommend!

  4. Amin N.

    This book helped me a lot for my student semester in Spain.
    All essential phrases and words to start in Spanish are included (categorized by theme) and easily remembered. The audiobook is really appreciable and that’s what helped me the most for pronouncing the words.
    Note: I had only a few notions in Spanish before buying the book

  5. danielcastelli88

    I`m really fascinate with this book, the pronunciation is the appropriate, it helps you to learn phrases in different scenarios of the daily life that makes you more easy to communicate with any person and allow to begin a basic conversation.

  6. Eudelyn Ordonez

    This Spanish Phrasebook is brilliant! Personally, this is such a great way to enhance my Spanish. I am learning more words and phrases even my grammar and pronunciation. I am more comfortable speaking to someone in Spanish now. I recommend this book to those who are learning the language.

  7. Jahnavee Soul

    This book is perfect for travelers and those new to Spanish. The phrases are practical and easy to learn. I especially like the simple phonetic pronunciation guide for each phrase and the audio accompaniment.

  8. Junior Lopes dos Santos

    Great for learning Spanish!

    I liked the book. I found it very useful.

  9. Matheus

    The book fulfills what it proposes, it’s perfect for travelling.

  10. Carolina

    I think that the book differential is that it provides the pronunciation option. I would like to take it not only if I were travel to Spain.

  11. Leonardo Castanon

    A practical book! As a Spanish learner, these are definitely a lot of phrases that I would use daily in my speech

  12. Jenna

    I liked that this book offered phrases for health and travel!

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