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I have lifetime access to the course

"I can access my lessons at any time form anywhere.
I have lifetime access to the course.
There is a learning schedule I can follow so I know when to take each lesson.
I feel this course will give me more confidence to speak Spanish."



Access my lessons at any time from anywhere

"I can access my lessons at any time from anywhere."



Very good for beginners

"It was great! I truly enjoyed it. Very good for beginners."

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I'm Frédéric

My team and I developed this website to make it easier for Spanish learners to have fun and enjoy learning Spanish everyday.

What began as a small initiative became a comprehensive platform for Spanish learners worldwide.

Today, My Daily Spanish has empowered over 10,000 students through our online courses.

Every month, countless learners benefit from our resources, articles, and tips.

My team and I made Spanish courses for all levels, so everyone finds their fit.

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Learn specific Spanish that you can use right away. Gain practical language skills from Day 1.

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Actively practice speaking, writing, and listening in Spanish.

Personal coaching

Get feedback and support on your Spanish from our team of experts to help you sound natural.

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Whatever level of mastering Spanish you're at, we've got something for you!

Complete Beginner Spanish Course

Learn Spanish Basics in Weeks

Learn to construct sentences, improve pronunciation, and gain speaking confidence. Enjoy learning with our guidance and support to level up your Spanish skills.

Complete Intermediate Spanish Course

Break Through the Plateau

Learn to construct more complex sentences, enhance your pronunciation, and express yourself with greater nuance. Enjoy a guided learning experience that avoids months of ineffective studying.

Complete Advanced Spanish Course

Elevate Your Spanish Fluency

Perfect for those ready to push beyond intermediate level, this course refines your communication, delves into cultural nuances, and arms you with specialized vocabulary. Conquer advanced grammar and vocabulary with expert guidance. Save time with focused strategies that prioritize what you need to boost your Spanish at this level.