Medical Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

Are you a healthcare professional who is continually looking to expand and improve the quality of your services?

One of the ways you can provide world-class medical care is by learning to interact with the growing Spanish-speaking population. 

As a medical provider, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to help a patient who could not properly express himself in your language. A basic knowledge of medical Spanish on your part could spell the difference between life or death in emergency or life-threatening cases. 

Spanish for Medical Professionals: Simplified medical Spanish for the busy healthcare provider

Your time is precious--you barely have time for yourself, how much more to learn a new language from scratch? Thankfully, you wouldn’t have to, with the help of this course. 

Spanish for Medical Professionals will help you: 

  • Interact with Spanish-speaking patients, even with zero prior background in Spanish. Learn how to conduct patient interviews, speak with patients’ family members, perform examinations, give instructions, provide diagnoses and prescriptions, and deal with a variety of medical scenarios – all in Spanish.
  • Learn the equivalent Spanish translations of essential medical terminology, abbreviations, and jargons. The course will provide you with all the Spanish terms and phrases you need to handle different medical scenarios with ease. 
  • Have a handy Spanish-English and English-Spanish medical dictionary to consult at crucial times. At the end of the course, you will find a two-way medical dictionary for easy checking.
  • Practice speaking Spanish the way native speakers do by listening to high quality audio. Get a FREE supplementary audio that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. You can use the audio tracks to practice your pronunciation skills as well as train your ears to the sound of authentic Spanish.
  • Memorize Spanish medical terms easily with bonus flashcards that you can download on your smartphone or computer.

Learn Offline

This course is also available in e-book format which you can download for free below. With the epub or PDF version and the audio files in MP3 format, you will be able to access the lessons anytime, anywhere for utmost convenience on your part.

Medical Spanish

Every medical professional knows that patient care is already challenging enough without the additional difficulty of a language barrier. Now you can eliminate any possible miscommunication between you and your Spanish-speaking patients with the help of this course.

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My Spanish team is a group of friendly teachers from Latin America and Spain. They have been teaching Spanish for over 10 years. They make learning fun and interesting!

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