Spanish Reading and Listening Comprehension Course: Level 2

Reading is an entertaining and truly effective way to learn a new language. It is also the key to building better and more natural-sounding sentences. The problem is, when you are starting out with a new language, it can be difficult to look for suitable reading materials. Either you drown in a sea of vocabulary you do not understand, or you get lost in lengthy narratives that make your eyes water and your attention wander. Both can render the entire activity useless and a total waste of time.

Some people suggest starting out with children’s books. But is it really effective? Children’s books contain choice vocabulary and expressions specifically selected for children. Its themes may not be relevant to an adult learner’s daily life. 

There are also books that are written in parallel text. However, such books have a tendency to allow readers to choose the easier option ; they therefore gravitate towards the English text instead of reading the story in Spanish.

What This Course is About

So, this course is not a lengthy narrative and it’s not similar to a children’s book. It’s also not written in parallel text. So, what exactly is it?

Instead of the aforementioned texts, this course strives to embed effective learning aids directly into the material. You will have audio that you can listen to so you can follow along with the pronunciation.

You will have a Spanish and an English glossary within the stories, so there will be no need for a dictionary to help you with words you do not understand. You can practice your writing by coming up with your own words to sum up your understanding of the story, and then you can compare it with the summary provided after each story.

The Lessons

This course contains a total of 30 short stories that revolve around daily themes. Each reading and listening lesson is short enough to hold your attention (1,500 words in length), but long enough to make you feel a sense of accomplishment and progress after finishing each one.

You will find that the lessons are written using a varied, useful vocabulary and a diverse grammar structure. The combination of dialogue and descriptions are carefully selected to suit beginner to low-intermediate level learners. This will benefit your comprehension for both written and oral communication and will help you in the day-to-day activities, whether you are reading newspapers or trying to understand daily lingo spoken on the street.

How to Use this Course Effectively

The stories are short enough to read in one sitting, so read the story from beginning to end. If the passages contain words that are difficult for you to understand, you can find them in the glossary throughout the text. After reading the story for the first time, you can then listen to the audio while following along with the text to enhance your listening skills and hone your pronunciation.

After reading through the story with the audio, you can re-read the story as many times as you would like. Once you feel you have a good understanding of the text, you can proceed to the quiz at the end of the chapter. After the quiz, you can summarize the story in your own words, then compare your summary with the one provided, as well as review the new vocabulary you have learned.

About the Audio

The stories have been recorded by a professional. Abel Franco is from Madrid in Spain, so his pronunciation is a standard Spanish voice. He recorded the audio at a slightly slower speed than how Spanish people speak, but at a pace that still sounds natural. To prove that we have put extra care into developing the audio, our sound engineer has decreased the frequency to 100 Hz. Doing so ensures that you hear a softer voice, which results in a nicer listening experience for you.

Learn Offline

This course is also available in an e-book format which you may download and save to any of your devices. If you wish to continue learning offline to make use of your time while on your commute or  doing other tasks, you may also use the e-book version of this course. Simply download the PDF or epub version and the free MP3 files in the first lesson labeled Offline Materials.

We wish you all the best in taking this course. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use the progress bar to track my progress?

You will see the progress bar at the upper left corner of the screen when you access any course. Once you have completed a lesson and mark it complete, the equivalent percentage of the course taken will be reflected in the progress bar.

Take note that the lessons may be taken in any order and your progress will still be tracked. Though it is highly recommended that you follow the sequence provided.

In lessons that contain quizzes, you need to complete all the quizzes first before you will be able to complete each lesson.

2. How can I access my course?

You will be able to find the login button in the My Daily Spanish website. 

Or you may also login directly on this URL:

Once you enter your details, you will have access to your “profile page”. From there you will be able to access the different courses you purchased. 

3. Can I download an offline version (e-book) of the course?

Yes in most courses you should be able to see the first module called "offline materials" where you can get the downloadable version of your course. We are about to simplify the system to make it even easier. A printable version and an e-book version/audiobook version will be provided as well whenever applicable.

4. Can I give my feedback or ask you a question?

Yes, please. We are eager for a challenge. If you don’t like some parts or you think it needs improvement, criticisms are always welcome.

You can send us an email at or, even better and easier, simply leave a comment on the lesson.

5. Can I retake a quiz and get an updated score?

Yes you do have an option to retake the quiz and each time, your new score will be reflected.  But for learning purposes, our advice is to take note of your errors and try to do better in the succeeding quizzes.

Note: This list of FAQs will be updated from time to time as we receive new questions. 

What’s the New Interactive Audio Transcription Feature and How to Access it?

  • You can listen to the audio and follow along with the texts easily, quickly rewind, and pause exactly where you want. Every word is highlighted in real-time and timestamped automatically. Simply click on a word to hear the audio from that instant.
  • It is embedded in every lesson. You’ll find it at the bottom part of each story just above the Resumen/Summary section:

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