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Chapter 1: Greetings Copy Copy

Enhorabuena (Spain) - Congratulations

Examples: Enhorabuena! Ha ganado la loteria de hoy. - Congratulations! You have won today's lottery.

Chaufa (Perú) Goodbye

ExampleChaufa. - Good bye.

Che (Argentina) - Used to get someone's attentions, like "Uh", or "Hey"

ExampleChe, ¿viste ese auto? - Hey, have you seen that car?

Chotear (Panamá)To greet

ExampleSería grosero si no te acercaras a chotearla. -It would be rude if you did not go over and say hello to her.

Chotín (Panamá) Greeting

ExampleCuando veas a Miguel dile que mandamos un chotín para toda la familia. - When you see Miguel tell him we're sending greetings to all the family.

Qué xopa (Panamá) Informal greeting: "What's up"

ExampleHola, ¿qué xopa? - Hey, what's up?