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Chapter 10 : Adverbs and Descriptions Copy Copy

A los pedos (Argentina)Quickly

Example: Lo siento, tuve que salir a los pedos. - I'm sorry, I had to go fast.

Al tiro (Chile)Immediately/ Right now

Example: ¡Necesito un botiquín al tiro! - I need a medkit right now!

Al toque (Argentina)Immediately

Example: Me voy y vuelvo al toque. - I'm leaving but I'll come back immediately.

Bocha (Argentina) A lot (of something)

Example: Me duele una bocha. - It hurts like hell.

Buco (Panamá) Many, a lot

Example: Cuesta un buco. - It costs a lot.

Burda (Venezuela)A lot, many

Example: Tenemos una burda de tarea para mañana. - We have a lot of homework for tomorrow.

Caleta (Chile)A lot, many

Example: Te quiero caleta. - I love you a lot.

Chévere (Perú) Cool, nice

Example: Antes eras chévere. - You used to be cool.

Chocho (BoliviaArgentina)Happy

Example: Esta chocho con su nuevo auto. - He's so happy with his new car.

Churo (Argentina) Something good, nice, positive

Example: Está churo el nuevo diario de la ciudad. - It is very good the new town newspaper.

De chiripa (Cuba)By sheer luck, by stroke of luck

Example: Acerté las respuestas del examen de chiripa. - I answered the questions right by sheer luck.

En bombas (Colombia) Quickly, in a hurry

Example: Ella fue a su casa y regresó en bombas a trabajar. - She went home and returned in a hurry to work.

Fome (Chile) Boring

Example: Que fome este juego. - Such a boring game.

Guay (Spain) Cool

Example: Que guay, quiero verla de nuevo. - So cool I want to watch it again.

Tuanis (Costa Rica)"Too nice" "cool"

Example: Tuanis, te veo ahí. - Cool, I'll see you there.

Un montón (Spain)A lot (of something)

Example: Quédatelo, tengo un montón de libros. - Keep it, I have many other books.

Yuca (Honduras)Something difficult or complicated

Example: Es una yuca hacer este trabajo. - It's hard to do this task.

Zetear (Chile)To sleep

Example: Es hora de irse a zetear. - It's time to go sleep.