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Chapter 13: Actions Copy Copy

Acotejar (Cuba)To put in order, organize objects

Exampe: Necesito acotejar mis libros. - I need to organize my books.

Apolillar (Argentina)To sleep

Exampe: Acabo de apolillar al bebé. - I just put the baby to sleep.

Bailar (México)To steal

Exampe: Un niño acaba de bailar mi globo. - A kid just stole my balloon.

Bardear (Argentina)To mock, To insult

Exampe: Su hermana me bardeó. - Her sister insulted me.

Boludear (Argentina)Screw around

Exampe: Vamos a boludear al patio. - Let's go screw around at the backyard.

Bretear (Costa Rica)To work

Exampe: Debo irme a bretear. - I need to leave to work.

Buitrear () To vomit

Exampe: No te atrevas a buitrear en el sofa. - Don't you dare vomit on the couch.

Cachar (Chile)Understand

Exampe: No cachas nada. - You don't understand anything.

Camellar (Colombia) To work

Exampe: Tengo que camellar temprano. - I need to go work early.

Chambear (Guatemala)To work

Exampe: Prefiero chambear por las noches. - I prefer to work at nights.

Chapar (Argentina) To kiss

Exampe: Le gusta chapar con chicas menores. - He likes to kiss younger girls.

Chimar (Guatemala) To have sex

Exampe:  Mi novia quiere chimar. - My girlfriend wants to have sex.

Chingadazo (México) Blow, strike, hit, collision

Exampe: Se dio un chingadazo con otro auto. - He crashed on another car.

Chorear  (Argentina) To steal

Exampe: Le chorearon la cartera mientras caminaba. - His wallet was stolen while he was walking.

Chotear (Panamá) To greet

Exampe: Sería grosero si no te acercaras a chotearla. - It would be rude if you did not go over and say hello to her.

Chupar (México) To drink alcoholic beverages

Exampe: Después que termine la fiesta seguiremos chupando en el bar. - After the party ends we'll continue drinking in the bar.

Cocotazo (Cuba) Hit in the head with the knuckles

Exampe: Le dieron un cocotazo por portarse mal. - He was hit on the head for misbehaving.

Echar los perros (Colombia)To court someone

Exampe: Javier le esta echando los perros a Maria. - Javier is flirting with Maria.

Fajar (Argentina) To beat someone up

Exampe: Ayer me fajaron para robarme mi dinero. - Yesterday they beat me up to steal my money.

Follar (Spain)To have sex

Exampe: vNo voy a follar contigo. - I'm not going to have sex with you.

Hacer machete (Argentina) To cheat (exams)

Exampe: Tuve que hacer machete para pasar Matemáticas. - I had to cheat in order to pass Mathematics.

Hacerse la yuta (Argentina)To skip school

Exampe: ¿Por qué te hiciste la yuta? - Why did you skip school?

Huevear (Chile) To annoy

Exampe: Deja de huevear, ¿No ves que estoy ocupado? - Stop bothering me, can't you see I'm busy?

Ir al sobre (Argentina)Go to sleep

Exampe: Es hora de irse al sobre. - It's time to go sleep.

Irse en pira (Cuba) To leave a place

Exampe: Lester se fue en pira y no avisó a nadie. - Lester left the place without a notice.

Jalar (Spain) - To eat

Exampe: Deberías dejar de jalar tanto, no es bueno para la salud. - You should stop eating so much, it's not healthy.

Jamar (Perú)To eat

Exampe: No estoy de animos para jamar ahora. - I'm not in the mood to eat right now.

Jetear (México) To sleep

Exampe: No me gusta jetear en hoteles. - I don't like to sleep in hotels.

Latear (Perú) To walk

Exampe: Solo fui a latear por ahí, no te preocupes. - I just went to walk around, don't worry.

Lorear (Perú)To talk

Exampe: ¿Alguna vez dejan de lorear? - Do you ever stop talking?

Mechar (Cuba)To work out

Exampe: Debo ir a mechar en dos horas. - I must go work out in two hours.

Miar (Costa Rica) - To urinate, to piss

Exampe: No puedes miar aquí afuera. - You can't urinate out here.

Monchar (Costa Rica) To eat

Exampe: Voy a monchar, volveré luego. - I'm going to eat, I'll get back later.

Morfar (UruguayArgentina) To eat

Exampe: Recien termino de morfar. - I just finished eating.

Papear (Argentina) To eat

Exampe: Dejame papear algo y estoy listo. - Let me eat something and I'll be ready.

Parchar (México) To have sex

Exampe: Creo que hoy parcho. - I think I'm going to have sex today.

Pegar los tarros (Cuba)To cheat on one's partner

EExampe: scuché que le pego los tarros la semana pasada. - I've heard she cheated on him last week.

Peinar (México)To steal

Exampe: Me ha peinado el teléfono. - He has stolen my phone.

Pinchar (Cuba) To work

Exampe: Tengo que levantarme temprano para ir a pinchar. - I need to wake up early to go work.

Pistear (México) To drink alcoholic beverages

Exampe: Solo pisteo los sábados. - I only have alcoholic drinks on saturdays.

Pololear (Chile)To date

Exampe: Estoy pololeando con Cristina. - I'm dating Cristina.

Potar (Spain) - To vomit

Exampe: Si quieres potar, ve al baño. - If you want to vomit, go to the bathroom.

Quimbar (Cuba)To have sex

Exampe: No quiero quimbar esta noche. - I don't want to have sex tonight.

Ranchear (Perú) To eat

Exampe: No me gusta ranchear sola. - I don't like to eat alone.

Somanta (Spain)Beating

Exampe: Le está dando una somanta en el patio. - He's beating him on the backyard.

Sopear (El Salvador)To vomit

Exampe: Si quieres sopear, vé al baño. - If you want to vomit, go to the bathroom.

Templar (Cuba) To have sex

Exampe: No me apetece templar con cualquiera. - I'm not interested in having sex with anyone.

Timar (Spain) To cheat, to scam

Exampe: Ten cuidado con que te vayan a timar. - Be careful, don't get yourself scammed.

Tirar (Chile)To kiss

Exampe: Se va a tirar a tu hermana. - He's going to kiss your sister.

Torrar (Argentina) To sleep

Es hora de torrar. - It's time to sleep.

Transar (Argentina) Kissing with tongue

Exampe: ¿Te lo transaste? - Did you kiss him?

Verguear (Guatemala)To beat

Exampe:  Vete a verguear a otro. - Go beat someone else.

Waquear (Guatemala) To vomit

Exampe: Si quieres waquear, ve al baño. - If you want to vomit, go to the bathroom.

Zampar (Spain) Eat or drink fast/excessively

Exampe: Me gusta zampar los fines de semanas. - I like to eat a lot on weekends.

Zusnar (Cuba) To sleep

Exampe: Es hora de irse a zusnar - It's time to go sleep.