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Chapter 15: Law and Crime Copy

Caco (GuatemalaColombia)Thief, robber

Example: Dicen que hay muchos cacos por aquí. - They say there's too many robbers over here.

Capacha (Chile) Prison

Example: No me gustaría ir a la capacha. - I wouldn't like to go prison.

Gamín (Colombia)Usually use drugs

Example: Creo que está en prisión por gamín. - I think he is in prison for being a junkie.

Jinetera (Cuba) Prostitute who aims for foreign tourists

Example: No la escuches, es una jinetera. - Don't listen to her, she's a prostitute.

Lanza (Chile) Pickpocket

Example: Ayer un lanza me robó la cartera. - Yesterday, a pickpocket stole my wallet.

Maco (Spain) Prison

Example: Miguel pasó casi toda su vida en el maco. - Miguel spent almost his entire life in prison.

Mangante (Spain)Thief

Example: Ese tío es un mangante. - That guy is a thief.

Mangui (Spain) Thief

Example: Un mangui entró en mi apartamento y me robó el dinero. - A thief broke into my apartment and stole my money.

Paca (Costa Rica) Police

Example: Creo que deberías llamar a la paca. - I think you should call the police.

Pasma (Spain) Police

Example: No tengo miedo a la pasma. - I'm not afraid of the police.

Pepazo (Venezuela) Gunshot

Example: Le dieron un pepazo, por suerte no fue grave. - He got shot, luckily, it wasn't anything serious.

Pillo (Puerto Rico) Thief, robber

Example: Tengo camaras de seguridad por todos lados para atrapar a los pillos. - I have security cams everywhere to catch the robbers.

Raponero (Colombia)Robber, thief, purse snatcher

Example: Me dijeron que tenga cuidado con los raponeros. - I've been told to be careful about the robbers.

Ratero (México)Thief, robber

Example: Espero que atrapen al ratero. - I hope they catch the robber.

Tamal (Nicaragua)Thief, robber

Example: Atraparon al tamal de las noticias. - They caught the robber from the news.

Timar (Spain) To cheat, to scam

Example: Ten cuidado con que te vayan a timar. - Be careful, don't get yourself scammed.

Tombo (Perú) Police

Example: Será mejor llamar al tombo - We better call the police.

Tongo (Panamá) Police, police officer

Example: El tongo me quitó mi licencia. - The cop took my license away.

Traqueto (Colombia) Drug dealer

Example: ¡No soy ningun traqueto! - I ain't no drug dealer!

Trola (Argentina) Prostitute

Example: Dicen que pagó una trola. - They say he paid for a prostitute.

Trucho (Argentina)False, Fraudulent.

Example: Este billete es trucho. - This ticket is fraudulent.