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Chapter 18: Insults Copy

Aragán (Cuba)Lazy person

ExampleEl nuevo profesor es un aragán. - The new teacher is too lazy

.Argel (Paraguay) Unpleasant

Example:  Es muy bonita, pero es muy argel. - She is pretty, but way too mean.

Bagre (Argentina) - Ugly Person

Example: La chica que besaste anoche era un bagre. - The girl you kissed last night was ugly.

Bardear (Argentina) - To mock, To insult

Example: Su hermana me bardeó. - Her sister insulted me.

Bemba (Venezuela)Thick or large lips

Example: Mira la bemba de ese tipo. - Look at that guy's huge lips.

Bollo (Colombia) - Shit, excrement

Example: ¡Joder tío! Eso huele como un bollo. - Shit man! That smells like shit.

Bolsero (Chile) - Someone who constantly ask for money

Example: No le respondas, ese chaval es un bolsero. - Don't even answer to him, he is a beggar.

Cafre (Cuba) - Unintellligent person

Example: No pierdas tu tiempo, es un cafre. - Don't waste your time, he's unintelligent.

Capullo (Spain) - Idiot, Stupid Person

Example: Ese poli es un capullo. - That cop is an idiot.

Chanta (Chile) - A deceiver, cheater, swindler

Example: He oido que tu hermano es un chanta, ¿Es verdad? - I'v heard that your brother is a cheater, is that true?

Chichipato (Colombia) - Stingy

Example: ¡No seas tan chichipato! - Don't be so stingy!

Cholero (Argentina) - Womanizer

Example: Todo el mundo sabe que él es un cholero. - Everyone knows he is a womanizer.

Chombo (Panamá) - Derogatory term used to refer to black people

Example: Estaban dos chombos en la puerta impidiendo la entrada. - There were two black men standing at the door blocking the entrance.

Codo (México) - Stingy

Example: No seas codo, son solo diez dólares. - Don't be so stingy!, it's only ten dollars.

Cojudo (Perú) Stupid person, silly

Example: No seas cojudo y habla con el jefe para un aumento. - Don't be stupid and talk to the boss for a raise.

Comebola (Cuba)Stupid, idiot

Example: Te comportas como un comebolas cuando estás cerca de ella. - You act like an idiot when you are around her.

Cotilla (Spain) Gossipy person

Mi vecina Josefa es una cotilla. - Josefa, my neighbor, is a gossip.

Escracho (Uruguay)Ugly person

Example: Salieron con dos minas, una era bonita, pero la otra un escracho. - Two girls went out, one was beautiful, but the other ugly.

Gil (Argentina)Idiot, Stupid

Example: No seas gil, ya supéralo. - Don't be an idiot, get over it.

Gilipollas (Spain) Asshole, idiot

Example: Mi padrastro es un gilipollas. - My stepfather is an asshole.

Gonorrea (Colombia) Bad person

Example: No confíes mucho en él, es un gonorrea. - Don't trust him, he is a bad person.

Jamaliche (Cuba) Glutton

Example: Ese tipo es un jamaliche, ya se metió la comida y quiere más. - That guys is a glutton, he has eaten all the food already and wants more.

Líchigo (Colombia)Stingy

Example: No seas lichigo, dame uno mas. - Don't be stingy, give me one more.

Mala leche (Chile)Negative Person

Example: Tu amigo Francisco es super mala leche. - Your friend Francisco is a very bad intentioned person.

Mamerto (Argentina)Idiot

Example: Ese pibe es un mamerto. - That guy is silly.

Mamón (Spain) Jerk, idiot

Example: ¡Mamón!, lo has estropeado todo. - You're an idiot, you've ruined everything.

Mamón (Colombia) Tedious, boring, annoying

Example: Tu primo es un mamón. - Your cousin is a boring person.

Menso (México) Stupid person

Example: No seas menso, solo estaba bromeando. - Don't be stupid, I was kidding.

Mojonero (Venezuela)A liar, someone who lies

Example: No seas mojonero, eso no terminará bien. - Don't be a liar, it won't end well.

Mongolo (Spain)Asshole, idiot

Example: El nuevo jefe es un mongolo, no tiene respeto por nadie. - The new boss is an asshole, shows no respect for anyone.

Nabo (Uruguay)Stupid person

Example: No seas nabo, ella no te quiere. - Don't be stupid, she doesn't love you.

Pajla (Argentina)Bald

Example: Solo tiene veinte años y ya es casi pajla. - He's only twenty years old and he's almost bald.

Palero (Perú)Liar

Example: No seas palero, he visto todo. - Don't be a liar, I've seen it all.

Pánfilo (Honduras)Stupid, idiot

Example: No seas pánfilo, ella no te quiere. - Don't be an idiot, she doesn't love you.

Pichirre (Venezuela)Selfish, stingy

Example: El jefe es un pichirre, no nos quiere pagar los días extra. - The boss is stingy, he doesn't want to pay our extra days.

Pinche (Costa Rica)Stingy

Example: Este pinche chico piensa que es el dueño del lugar. - This stingy boy thinks he owns the place.

Sorompo (Costa Rica)Stupid person, silly

Example: Es un sorompo, nunca entiende nada. - He's stupid, never understands anything.

Tarado (Argentina)Stupid person

Example: No seas tarado, ella no te quiere. - Don't be stupid, she doesn't love you.

Tarugo (México)Stupid person

Example: Eres un tarugo, no quiero verte más. - You're an idiot, I don't wanna see you anymore.

Weón (Chile)Stupid person

Example: No seas weón, presta atención. - Don't be stupid, pay attention.

Zapato (Colombia) Ugly person

Example: Ese chico es un zapato. - That's such an ugly boy.