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Chapter 4: Eating and Drinking Copy

Absorbente (Cuba)Straw

Example: Necesito un absorbente para mi bebida. - I need a straw for my drink.

Ajiaco (Colombia)Thick soup

Example: Tenemos ajiaco para cenar. - We have thick soup for dinner.

Cabrita (Chile)Popcorn

Example: Yo pago las cabritas hoy. - I pay for the popcorn today.

Crispeta (Colombia)Popcorn

Example: Hice unas crispetas para que las comamos viendo la película. - I made us some popcorn to eat while we're watching the movie.

Filo (Venezuela)Hunger

Example: No gracias, no tengo filo. - No thanks, I'm not hungry.

Fruta bomba (Cuba)Papaya

Example: Mira esa fruta bomba, que grande. - Look at that papaya, it's so big.

Jama (Costa RicaCuba)Food

Example: Quiero jama, ¿podemos ir a un restaurant? - I want some food, can we go to a restaurant?

Jamaliche (Cuba)Glutton

Example: Ese tipo es un jamaliche, ya se metió la comida y quiere más. - That guys is a glutton, he has eaten all the food already and wants more.

Jamar (Perú)To eat

Example: No estoy de animos para jamar ahora. - I'm not in the mood to eat right now.

Lija (Argentina) Hunger

Example: Que lija que tengo, nos vemos después. - I'm so hungry, see you later.

Memerre (Panamá) Food

Example: Que buen memerre prepara tu madre. - Your mother cooks such a good food.

Monchar (Costa Rica) To eat

Example: Voy a monchar, volveré luego. - I'm going to eat, I'll get back later.

Morfar (UruguayArgentina)To eat

Example: Recien termino de morfar. - I just finished eating.

Morfi (Argentina)Food

Example: No tengo morfi, debería ir a comprar. - I don't have food, I should go buy some.

Pancho (Argentina)Hot Dog

Example: Un pancho con queso, porfavor. - A hot dog with cheese, please.

Papear (Argentina)To eat

Example: Dejame papear algo y estoy listo. - Let me eat something and I'll be ready.

Pipirín (México)Food

Example: Este pipirín sabe muy bien. - This food tastes really good.

Pipoca (Argentina)Popcorn

Example: No me gusta la pipoca, gracias de todas formas. - I don't like popcorn, thanks anyways.

Pitillo (CubaColombia) Straw

Example: Necesitaré tres pitillos, gracias. - I'll be needing three straws, thanks.

Pochoclo (Argentina)Popcorn

Example: No me gustan los pochoclos, gracias. - I don't like popcorn, thanks.

Pororó (Paraguay)Popcorn

Example: Este pororó está muy salado. - This popcorn is too salty.

Ranchear (Perú) To eat

Example: No me gusta ranchear sola. - I don't like to eat alone.

Rositas de Maiz (Cuba)Popcorn

Example: Quiero rositas de maíz. - I want some popcorn.

Tener filo (Colombia) Be hungry

Example: Tengo filo, ¿quieres almorzar? - I'm hungry, do you want to have lunch?

Tinto (Colombia)Black coffee

Example: Un tinto y dos galletas. - One black coffee and two biscuits.

Zampar (Spain)Eat or drink fast/excessively

Example: Me gusta zampar los fines de semanas. - I like to eat a lot on weekends.