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Chapter 6 : Work and Career Copy

Brete (Guatemala)Work, Job

Example: Necesito conseguir un nuevo brete. - I need a new job.

Bretear (Costa Rica) To work

Example: Debo irme a trabajar. - I need to leave to work.

Cachuelo (Perú)Casual Job

Example: No es nada, solo un cachuelo. - It's nothing, just a casual job.

Camellar (Colombia)To work

Example: Tengo que camellar temprano. - I need to go work early.

Camello (Colombia)Work, Job

Example: He conseguido un nuevo camello. - I've got a new job.

Chamba (Perú)Work, Job

Example: Me gusta mucho esta chamba. - I like this job a lot.

Chambear (Guatemala)To work

Example: Prefiero chambear por las noches. - I prefer to work at nights.

Chance (Guatemala) Work, Job

Example: Es dificil conseguir una chance estos días. - It's hard to get a job nowadays.

Guapa/o (Paraguay) Hard worker

Example: Tu madre es bien guapa. - Your mother is such a hard worker.

Laburo (Argentina) Work, Job

Example: Hoy fue un mal día en el laburo. - Today was a bad day at work.

Pega (Chile)Work, Job

Example: Que buena pega, deberías recomendarme. - Such a nice work, you should recommend me.

Pegue (Nicaragua) Work, job

Example: Me esta yendo bien en el pegue, pronto obtendré un ascenso. - I'm doing fine on my job, I'll get a promotion soon.

Pincho (Cuba) Boss at work

Example: El pincho no me dejará irme antes. -  The boss won't let me leave earlier.