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Week 1 – Spanish Idioms Video

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Day 1

Expression of the day:  ... Ser pesado (Mexico)

Literal meaning: To be heavy

What it means in English: … To be rude

Spanish Example:

No quiero ser pesada pero no me gusta tu estilo

English Example:

I don't want to be rude but I don´t like your style.

Day 2

Ser un plasta (Santo Domingo)

To be a pain

To be annoying

Spanish Example

Sabes que puedes ser un plasta, ¿verdad?

English Example:

You realize that you can be really annoying, right?

Day 3

Estar molido (Mexico)

To be ground

To be very tired; worn out; knackered

Spanish Example:

Necesito un descanso, la carrera me dejó molido.

English Example:

I need to take a break, that race left me worn out.

Day 4

Estar hecho polvo (Spain)

To be made dust

To be very tired, exhausted, beat

Spanish Example

Me alegro de estar en casa. Estoy hecha polvo.

English Example:

It's good to be home. I'm beat.

Day 5

De pe a pa (Mexico)

From pe to pa

From the beginning to the end; end to end; inside out

Spanish Example:

Conozco todos los temas de pe a pa.

English Example:

I know all the issues inside and out.

Day 6

Ni de coña (Spain)

Not in a joke

No way

Spanish Example:

No estoy ni de coña preparado para algo así.

English Example:

There's no way I'm ready for something like that.

Day 7

Estar de coña (Spain)

To be joking

To be joking; to be kidding

Spanish Example:

Debes de estar de coña, colega.

English Example:

You gotta be kidding me, buddy.