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Week 10 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 64

El mundo es un pañuelo (Spain)

The world is a handkerchief

Small world (used when you discover a coincidence with another person)

Spanish Example:

El mundo es un pañuelo. La vi el otro día!

English Example:

Such a small world. I saw her, just the other day.

Day 65

El quinto pino (Spain)

The fifth pine tree

Very far

Spanish Example:

Deberías ir en el carro, esa tienda está en el quinto pino.

English Example:

You should drive to the store; it is very far.

Day 66

Uno por otro y la casa sin barrer (Spain)

The one and the other and the house without being swept

When someone waits for another to do something and vice versa - and at the end, the thing isn't done

Spanish Example:

-¿Y el reporte? ¡Uno por el otro y la casa sin barrer! - Bueno, escribamos el reporte ahora.

English Example:

-I thought you were supposed write the report.-

No, I thought you were supposed write the report, Well, let´s do it now.

Day 67

Tener a alguien entre ceja y ceja (Spain)

To have some between eyebrow and eyebrow

To have a thing about somebody

Spanish Example

Desde el principio, me tenía entre ceja y ceja.

English Example:

Right from the beginning she had me in her sights.

Day 68

Entre pitos y flautas (Spain)

Between whistles and flutes

With a lot of small things

Spanish Example:

Entre pitos y flautas este blog ya lleva 88 posts.

English Example:

One by one, this blog has already 88 posts!

Day 69

Estar en la gloria (Mexico)

To be in the glory

To be in seventh heaven

Spanish Example:

Aquí se está en la gloria.

English Example:

It's seventh heaven out here.

Day 70

Escurrir el bulto (Spain)

To drip the package

To avoid a responsibility

Spanish Example:

Hunt y Webber me acusaron de escurrir el bulto.

English Example:

Hunt and Webber accused me of dropping the ball.