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Week 13 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 85

Faltar un tornillo (a alguien) (Spain)

To be missing a screw

To be a bit mad, crazy

Spanish Example:

A veces creo que te falta un tornillo.

English Example:

Sometimes I think you got a screw missing in your brain.

Day 86

Ha pasado un ángel (Spain)

An angel has crossed

The moment in a conversation with a big group in which everybody becomes silent

Spanish Example:

Parece que ha pasado un ángel.

English Example:

Everyone is so quiet.

Day 87

Pillar un buen pedal (Spain)

To get a good pedal

To get very drunk

Spanish Example:

¿Vamos a pillar un buen pedal esta noche?

English Example:

Are we going to get drunk tonight?

Day 88

Hablando del rey de Roma  (Spain)

Talking about the king of Rome

It is used when you're talking about somebody and suddenly he or she appears; similar to “Speak of the devil and he shall appear” in English

Spanish Example:

Hablando del rey de Roma, mira quién llegó.

English Example:

Speaking of the devil, look who's here.

Day 89

Perder el piso

To lose the ground

To become inaccessible because of wealth or fame / to let fame get to your head


La fama lo ha vuelto grosero, está perdiendo el piso.

His fame has made him rude, it has gone to his head.

Day 90

Hablar por los codos (Spain)

To talk by the elbows

To talk a lot

Spanish Example:

Creo que le dicen Radio, habla hasta por los codos.

English Example:

I think they call him Radio because he talks so much.

Day 91

Hacer borrón y cuenta nueva (Spain)

To make a blot and new bill

Start with a clean slate

Spanish Example:

Carlos piensa en esto... podría ser nuestro borrón y cuenta nueva, un nuevo comienzo.

English Example:

Charles think aboutthis... it could be our clean slate, a fresh start.