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Week 14 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 92

Hacer buenas migas (Spain)

To make good crumbs

To get on well

Spanish Example:

El único con quien parecía hacer buenas migas fue con David Réguel.

English Example:

The only one she seemed to get along with was David Réguel.

Day 93

Hacer bulto (Spain)

To make lump

It is used when people are in place just to pretend there are a lot of people.

Spanish Example:

Dos de nosotros que junten aquí un buen grupo de gente para hacer bulto.

English Example:

Two of us gather a good group of people here to make up the numbers.

Day 94

Hacer el mono/el cabra (Spain)

To make be an idiot

Spanish Example:

Yo podría hacer el mono mejor.

English Example:

I could be a better idiot than that.

Day 95

Hacer la pelota (Spain)

To make the ball

To flatter someone to get some profit now or in the future

Spanish Example:

Mira a María, ya le está haciendo otra vez la pelota a Lorenzo.

English Example:

Look at Maria, licking Lorenzo's boots again.

Day 96

Ir de visita de médico (Spain)

To go on a doctor visit

To make a very short visit

Spanish Example:

Estas aquí para una visita de médico, supongo.

English Example:

You're here on a short visit, I suppose.

Day 97

Hacer leña del árbol caído (Mexico)

To make wood from the fallen tree

It is used when someone has a problem or a failure and another person, blames them or critizes them.

Spanish Example:

Deberías dejar de criticarlo, no hay que hacer leña del árbol caído.

English Example:

You should stop criticizing him; we shouldn´t kick him while he´s down.

Day 98

Hacerse la boca agua (Spain)

To make your mouth water

To salivate, to drool

Spanish Example:

Lamento interrumpir, pero el olor del pastel de manzana me hizo agua la boca.

English Example:

I'm sorry to interrupt, but the smell of that apple pie just made my mouth water.