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Week 19 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 127

Matar dos pájaros de un tiro (Spain)

To kill two birds with one shot

It is used when someone obtains multiple results with only one action, or to kill two birds with one stone

Spanish Example:

Mañana tengo que ir del trabajo al banco, aprovecho y hago el depósito de la renta, así mato dos pájaros de un tiro.

English Example:

Tomorrow I have to go to the bank because of work and I will make the deposit the rent, so I´ll kill two birds with one stone..

Day 128

Matar moscas a cañonazos (Spain)

To kill flies with cannon shots

To waste resources to obtain something that doesn't need that much effort

Spanish Example:

También es una medida que permite abrir el mercado sin matar moscas a cañonazos.

English Example:

It is also a market-opening measure without using more effort than necessary.

Day 129

Tomar el pelo a alguien (Spain)

To take the hair to someone

To trick someone (normally as a joke); to make a fool of somebody

Spanish Example:

¿Usted quiere tomar el pelo a los diputados?

English Example:

Are you trying to trick the honourable Members?

Day 130

Salir rana (Spain)

To come up frog

When something ends in disaster

Spanish Example:

Esa fiesta salió rana.

English Example:

That party didn't end up well.

Day 131

Saber mal (algo a alguien) (Spain)

To taste bad (something to someone)

To feel guilty or feel bad about something

Spanish Example:

Me sabe mal, pero... parece como si alguien quisiera defraudar a la empresa.

English Example:

I hate to be the one to say this, but it appears as if somebody is trying... to defraud the company.

Day 132

Sonar (algo/alguien a alguien) (Spain)

To sound (something/someone to someone)

To seem familiar

Spanish Example:

Eso me suena a nuestro Coronel O'Neill.

English Example:

That sounds like our Colonel O'Neill.

Day 133

Tocar los huevos (Spain)

To touch the eggs

To disturb someone; to annoy

Spanish Example:

Deja de tocar los huevos y camina.

English Example:

Stop messing around and get moving!