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Week 2 – Spanish Idioms Video

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Day 8

Estar algo patas arriba  (Spain)

To be something with the legs up

To be something very untidy, chaotic

Spanish Example:

Lo siento, he dejado la habitación patas arriba.

English Example:

Sorry I messed up the room.

Day 9

Ahogarse en un vaso de agua (Spain)

To drown in a glass of water

To be extremely worried about things that are not very important; to make a big deal out of nothing.

Spanish Example

Gary, te ahogas en un vaso de agua.

English Example:

Gary, you're making a big deal out of nothing.

Day 10

Echar una mano (Spain)

To throw a hand

To help someone, to lend a hand

Spanish Example:

Sólo estoy aquí para echar una mano.

English Example:

I'm just here to lend a hand.

Day 11

Costar un ojo de la cara (Spain)

To cost an eye from the face

To be very expensive; to cost an arm and a leg.

Spanish Example

Editel nos cobró un ojo de la cara por ese software.

English Example:

Editel charged us an arm and a leg for the software.

Day 12

Costar un riñón (Spain)

To cost a kidney

To be very expensive; to cost a fortune.

Spanish Example:

Nos va a costar un riñón.

English Example:

It's going to cost a fortune.

Day 13

Cruzarse los cables a alguien (Spain)

To cross the cables of someone

To get mad for a moment, or to blow a fuse

Spanish Example:

A Nick se le cruzaron los cables y se fue a la ciudad.

English Example:

Nick blew a fuse and drove into town.

Day 14

Dejar plantado (Mexico)

To leave planted

To stand up

Spanish Example:

Ayer tenia una cita, pero me dejó plantada.

English Example:

I had a date yesterday, but I got stood up..