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Week 20 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 134

Meter el dedo en la llaga (Spain)

To put the finger inside the wound

to refer to a sensitive matter that will upset someone, similar to « touching a sore spot « or « turn a knife in the wound.

Spanish Example:

Sólo algunos intelectuales ilustrados han metido el dedo en la propia llaga.

English Example:

Only a few enlightened intellectuals were bold enough to lay a finger in their own wound.

Day 135

Meter cizaña (Spain)

To put darnel inside

It is used when someone sows discord between people.

Spanish Example:

Tenemos que pensar en una forma de meter cizaña entre ellas.

English Example:

We need to figure out some way to drive a wedge between those two.

Day 136

Meter la pata (Spain)

To put the leg inside

To make a mistake

Spanish Example:

Pensaba que estabais en una cita y tenía miedo de meter la pata.

English Example:

I thought you were on a date and I was afraid that I would mess it up.

Day 137

Miel sobre hojuelas (Spain)

Honey above flakes

When something is unbeatable; Hunky-dory; similar to “bed of roses” or “all fun and games”

Spanish Example :

Nunca espere que la vida fuera miel sobre hojuelas.

English Example:

I never expected life to be a bed of roses.

Day 138

Mojarse (acerca de algo/alguien) (Spain)

To get wet (about something/someone)

To give your opinion, generally in a risky topic

Spanish Example:

Venga mójate, ¿quién crees que va a ser el próximo presidente del país?

English Example:

Come on, share your opinion, who is going to be the next President of the country?

Day 139

Mojar la cama (Spain)

To wet the bed

To have a piss on the bed

Spanish Example:

No obstante, mojar la cama sigue siendo un problema para 1% de los adultos.

English Example:

However, bed-wetting remains a problem for up to 1% of adults.

Day 140

Montar un circo y que te crezcan los enanos (Spain)

To put a circus and have the dwarves grown

To have bad luck

Spanish Example:

¡Increíble! Montas un circo y te crecen los enanos.

English Example:

Wow! When things go bad, they can even get worst.