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Week 22 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 148

No pegar ni con cola (Spain)

Not to stick even with glue

When you believe two things/person don't look well together

Spanish Example:

Ese chándal que llevas no pega ni con cola con tus zapatos de tacón.

English Example:

That tracksuit you're wearing doesn't look well with those high heels.

Day 149

No ser trigo limpio (Spain)

Not to be clean wheat

When you don't trust someone/something

Spanish Example:

Sabía que esas chicas no eran trigo limpio.

English Example:

I knew those girls were bad news.

Day 150

No tener abuela (Spain)

Not to have a grandmother

To be vain and continuously say good things about yourself

Spanish Example:

Tan joven y sin abuela.

English Example:

So young and vain.

Day 151

Salir algo Redondo (Spain)

To leave something round

When something ends in a perfect way

Spanish Example:

Si quieres que el día te salga redondo empieza el día con Donuts.

English Example:

If you want your day to go perfectly, start it with Doughnuts.

Day 152

Olerse la tostada (Spain)

To smell the toast

To suspect something

Spanish Example:

Ya me olía la tostada de que algo iba mal.

English Example:

I suspected there was something wrong.

Day 153

Otro gallo cantaría (Spain)

Another rooster would sing

It is used to indicate the things would have been different

Spanish Example:

Si hubieses estudiado  un poco, otro gallo te cantaría.

English Example:

If you had studied a bit, things would be so different.

Day 154

Pan para hoy, hambre para mañana (Spain)

Bread for today, hunger for tomorrow

To benefit on the short-term and nothing in the future

Spanish Example:

Abandonar la escuela y ponerse a trabajar, es pan para hoy, pero hambre para mañana, te arrepentirás.

English Example:

Leaving your studies to start working is a short-term benefit, you'll regret it in the future.