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Week 23 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 155

Pasar página (Spain)

To turn the page

To try to forget something, usually that hurts; to move on

Spanish Example:

Tenemos que aceptarlo y pasar página.

English Example:

We have to accept that and move on.

Day 156

Pasar por el aro (Spain)

To cross the ring

To follow others orders, even if you don´t agree

Spanish Example:

Pero sigo intentándolo, y tú sigues haciéndome pasar por el aro.

English Example:

I keep trying, but you just keep making me do things I don´t like to do.

Day 157

Pasarse tres pueblos (Spain)

To go over three villages

To be exaggerated

Spanish Example:

Ese tipo se ha pasado tres pueblos, no estás tan vieja.

English Example:

That guy over exaggerated, you aren't that old.

Day 158

Pedirle peras al olmo (Spain)

To ask for pears from the elm tree

To ask for the impossible

Spanish Example:

Desafortunadamente le pides peras al olmo, hijo.

English Example:

Well, unfortunately you're asking for the impossible, son.

Day 159

Perder el Norte (Spain)

To lose the North

To lose the reason, to act in a disorganized way

Spanish Example:

Lo malo es que perderá el norte enseguida.

English Example:

The bad news is he'll lose sight of the objective in no time.

Day 160

Poner cara de póquer (Spain)

To put on a poker face

To be  apathetic, inexpressive

Spanish Example:

Sabes, tu cara de póquer necesita trabajarse.

English Example:

You know, your poker face needs work.

Day 161

Poner los puntos sobre las íes (Spain)

To put the dots upon the letters i

To leave things clear and with no doubts

Spanish Example:

María, es hora de poner los puntos sobre las íes. Si estás en este piso tienes que colaborar  la limpieza.

English Example:

Maria, let's make things clear. If you're in this apartment, you need to help with the  cleaning.