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Week 24 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 162

Ponerse morado (Spain)

To turn yourself purple

To eat a lot, way too much

Spanish Example:

Juan se ha puesto morado de dulces.

English Example:

Juan ate way too much candy.

Day 163

Por H o por B (Spain)

Due to H or to B

For whatever reason, for one reason or another

Spanish Example:

La propuesta supone, por H o por B, un cambio sustancial respecto a la legislación vigente.

English Example:

The proposal represents, for various reasons, a major break with current legislation.

Day 164

Por la boca muere el pez (Spain)

the fish dies by his own mouth

To have problems because you have talked too much, similar to Loose lips sink ships

Spanish Example:

Ya no digas nada más, recuerda que por la boca muere el pez.

English Example:

Stop talking! You could get in trouble if anyone hears this information..

Day 165

Por si las moscas (Spain)

In case the flies

It express that you want to be cautious

Spanish Example:

Yo cerraría las puertas, por si las moscas.

English Example:

If I were you, I'd close the doors, just in case.

Day 166

Quitar a alguien lo bailado (Spain)

To take the dance to someone

To Enjoyed doing something in spite of the consequences

Spanish Example:

Estoy muy cansado, pero nadie puede quitarme lo bailado.

English Example:

I'm so tired, but it was worth it.

Day 167

Que si quieres arroz, Catalina (Spain)

If you want rice, Catalina

It is used when someone doesn't pay attention to you or do what you ask

Spanish Example:

Ayer le dije a Juan que lavase los platos, y que si quieres arroz Catalina.

English Example:

Yesterday I told Juan to wash the dishes,and he didn´t do it.

Day 168

Quedarse a cuadros (Spain)

To stay in squares

To be dumbfounded

Spanish Example:

El alemán se queda a cuadros y le pregunta...

English Example:

The German, dumbfounded, asks him…