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Week 25 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 169

Quedarse con la copla (Spain)

To keep the folk song

To understand perfectly what someone is saying to you, or to understand some hidden meaning.

Spanish Example:

¿Quieres que te lo explique otra vez o te has quedado con la copla?

English Example:

Would you like me to explain it all over again, or have you got it?

Day 170

Quedarse algo en el tintero (Spain)

To remain something in the inkwell

It is used when you didn´t say or do something, either because you forgot or you didn´t want to

Spanish Example:

Aseguraría que no quedaron preguntas en el tintero.

English Example:

Would ensure that there were no questions left unanswered!

Day 171

Quedarse frito (Spain)

To be fried

To fall asleep

Spanish Example:

En la noche, un vaso de leche caliente y me quedo frito.

English Example:

At night, a warm glass of milk and I fall asleep.

Day 172

Rascarse la barriga (Spain)

To scratch your belly

To do nothing

Spanish Example:

Tiene que ir a rascarse la barriga.

English Example:

He has to sit on there all day and do nothing.

Day 173

Rizar el rizo (Spain)

To curl the curls

To complicate the things more than necessary

Spanish Example:

Con alcohol sería rizar el rizo.

English Example:

Alcohol would just be complicating things.

Day 174

Romper el hielo (Spain)

To break the ice

To do or say something to relieve tension or get conversation going at the start of a party or when people meet for the first time

Spanish Example:

Podemos romper el hielo... jugando a algo, por ejemplo.

English Example:

We could break the ice... by playing some sort of game, for instance.

Day 175

Saber a gloria (Spain)

To taste of glory

To be tasty

Spanish Example:

Después de dos meses de dieta, este trozo de pizza sabe a gloria.

English Example:

After two months of being on a diet, this slice of pizza tastes amazing.