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Week 27 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 183

Ser de piedra (Spain)

To be of stone

to be insensitive or unfeeling

Spanish Example:

Quisiera disculparme por ser de piedra.

English Example:

I want to apologize for being insensitive.

Day 184

Ser flor de un día (Spain)

To be a one day flower To achieve success but be unable to maintain it for a long time; similar to “flash in the pan”

Spanish Example:

Siempre supe que ustedes eran más que una flor de un día.

English Example:

l always knew you guys were more than just a flash in the pan.

Day 185

Ser la hostia (Spain)

To be the host

To be very big or extraordinary

Spanish Example:

Y tenía que ser la hostia.

English Example:

And that was supposed to be extraordinary.

Day 186

Ser la oveja negra (Spain)

To be the black sheep

To be different from the rest

Spanish Example:

Es la oveja negra de la familia.

English Example:

He is the black sheep of the family.

Day 187

Ser más caro el collar que el perro (Spain)

For the collar to be more expensive than the dog To buy something very cheap, but with a lot of expenses

Spanish Example:

Con el costo del envío, me costará más el collar que el perro.

English Example:

With the shipment fee, it's not as cheap as it looks.

Day 188

Ser más corto que las mangas de un chaleco (Spain)

To be shorter than the sleeves of a waistcoat

To be dimwitted/ naive

Spanish Example:

Eres más corto que las mangas de un chaleco.

English Example:

You're way too naive.

Day 189

Ser más papista que el Papa (Spain)

To be more popish than the Pope

To be stricter than the laws

Spanish Example:

Este Parlamento no debe ser más papista que el Papa.

English Example:

This House really should not try to be more popish than the Pope.