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Week 28 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 190

Ser todo oídos (Spain)

To be all ears

To be ready to listen

Spanish Example:

Háblame al respecto. Soy todo oídos.

English Example:

Tell me about it. I'm all ears.

Day 191

Ser un aguafiestas (Spain)

To be a spoilsport

To spoil people’s fun when they're having a good time; a party pooper

Spanish Example:

Qué lástima que Batman sea un aguafiestas.

English Example:

Too bad Batman is such a party pooper.

Day 192

Ser una bala perdida (Spain)

To be a lost bullet

Someone with an unpredictable and immoral behaviour

Spanish Example:

Verás, Errol es como una bala perdida.

English Example:

You see, Errol's kind of a loose cannon.

Day 193

Ser un chaquetero (Spain)

To be a turncoat

To have opportunistic changes of opinion

Spanish Example:

No veo razón en confiar en un chaquetero francés.

English Example:

I see no reason to trust a French turncoat.

Day 194

Ser un correveidile (Spain)

To be a run-go-and-say

To be a gossip

Spanish Example:

Cuidado con lo que dices frente a ella, es una correveidile.

English Example:

Be careful about what you say in front of her, she´s a real gossip.

Day 195

Ser un gorrón (Spain)

To be a big hat

To be a cadger/ / freeloader

Spanish Example:

Yo invito para que no crean que soy un gorrón.

English Example:

I'll pay, so you don't think I'm a freeloader.

Day 196

ser un manitas (Spain)

To be a small hands

To be handy

Spanish Example:

El  es un manitas de primera.

English Example:

He is a first class handyman.