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Week 29 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 197

Ser un pedazo de pan (Spain)

To be a piece of bread

To be a very good person

Spanish Example:

Margarita es un pedazo de pan, si no hizo mal a nadie en su vida, ¿qué enemigos va a tener?

English Example:

Margarita is as good as she can be, she's never hurt anyone in her life; what enemies could she have?

Day 198

Ser un peliculero (Spain)

To be a fond of films

To be a very imaginative person

Spanish Example:

Yo no sabía que eras tan peliculera.

English Example:

I didn't know you were this imaginative.

Day 199

Ser un pelota (Spain)

To be a ball

To be a yes-man

Spanish Example:

Si lo que quiere es un pelota, yo no lo soy.

English Example:

If you're looking for a yes man, I'm not it.

Day 200

Ser un tiquismiquis (Spain)

To be a 'tiquismiquis'

A person who is always complaining about every little detail

Spanish Example:

El jefe es muy tiquismiquis.

English Example:

The boss is kind of picky.

Day 201

Ser una monada (Spain)

To be a cutie

To be a cutie

Spanish Example:

Tengo entendido que es una monada.

English Example:

She's supposed to be quite pretty.

Day 202

Ser uña y carne (Spain)

To be nail and meat

To be very close to someone; similar to “two peas in a pod”

Spanish Example:

Mi hijita y yo somos uña y carne.

English Example:

Me and my little girl, we liketwo peas in a pod..

Day 203

Sin comerlo ni beberlo (Spain)

Without eating it nor drinking it

To suffer something without wanting it or doing anything

Spanish Example:

En fin, que sin comerlo ni beberlo, empezamos a enrollarnos.

English Example:

Anyway, somehow or other, We... Started making out.