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Week 31 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 211

Tener más cuento que Calleja (Spain)

To have more story than Calleja

To tell a lot of lies or excuses

Spanish Example:

Siempre tienes más cuento que calleja.

English Example:

You always have a different excuse.

Day 212

Tener mucho morro (Spain)

To have a lot of snout

To be very adventurous and shameless

Spanish Example:

Tienes mucho morro de venir hasta aquí.

English Example:

You have a lot of nerve coming over here.

Day 213

Tener pocas luces (Spain)

To have a few lights

To be dumb

Spanish Example:

Tu perro tiene pocas luces.

English Example:

Your dog isn't too smart.

Day 214

Tener un as en la manga (Spain)

To have an ace on the sleeve

To have a resource hidden, an ace up your sleeve

Spanish Example:

Europa tiene muchos ases en la manga, sobre todo porque es una de las principales potencias comerciales del mundo.

English Example:

Europe has many aces up its sleeve, particularly as one of the world's leading trading powers.

Day 215

Tener un morro que se lo pisa (Spain)

To have a snout that he/she steps on

To be opportunist, shameless, deceiving and misleading

Spanish Example:

Tiene un morro que se lo pisa.

English Example:

She's got a lot of nerve.

Day 216

Tener un par de huevos (Spain)

To have a pair of eggs

To be brave; to have the guts

Spanish Example:

Has tenido un par de huevos al contarme eso.

English Example:

It took real guts to tell me that.

Day 217

Tirar de la manta (Spain)

To pull on the blanket

To talk about illegal things that others are trying to hide

Spanish Example:

Va a ir a la oficina a tirar de la manta.

English Example:

He's going to go in that office and expose the whole thing.