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Week 32 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 218

Tirar la piedra y esconder la mano (Spain)

To throw the stone and hide the hand

To do something wrong and then act innocently

Spanish Example:

Ella es muy cobarde, pero es epecialista en tirar la piedra y esconder la mano

English Example:

She´s such a coward, but she likes stirring things up and acting innocently

Day 219

Tirar la toalla (Spain)

To throw the towel

To surrender

Spanish Example:

Sin embargo, no hemos de tirar la toalla.

English Example:

We must not give up, however.

Day 220

Tirar los tejos (Spain)

To throw the discs/disks

To try to hook up with someone

Spanish Example:

Podrían ser nervios, pero se parece más a tirar los tejos.

English Example:

Could be nerves, but it looks more like flirting?

Day 221

Tirar los trastos (Spain)

To throw the plates

To try to hook up with someone

Spanish Example:

Tío, te acaba de tirar los trastos.

English Example:

Dude, she totally flirted with you.

Day 222

Tirarse los trastos a la cabeza (Spain)

To throw plates at someone´s head

To fight with someone, normally only in a verbal way

Spanish Example:

Quiero decir que quizás se tiraban los trastos a la cabeza.

English Example:

No I mean, maybe they had fights in secret.

Day 223

Tocar madera (Mexico)

To touch wood

To knock on wood, , to hope something you just mentioned, does not happen to you.

Spanish Example:

Nunca estuve en un accidente serio, toco madera.

English Example:

I haven't ever been in a serious accident...knock on wood.

Day 224

Tocarse los huevos (Spain)

To touch your eggs

To do nothing, to be lazy

Spanish Example:

Solo va a la oficina a tocarse los huevos.

English Example:

He just goes to the office to sit down and do nothing.