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Week 33 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 225

Tropezar dos veces con la misma piedra (Spain)

To bump twice into the same stone

To make the same mistake twice

Spanish Example:

Lo perdonó, tropezó dos veces con la misma piedra.

English Example:

She forgave him, She made the same mistake once again.

Day 226

Ver a la legua (Spain)

To see from a league

Very noticeable

Spanish Example:

Se puede ver a leguas el gran esfuerzo invertido para lograrlo.

English Example:

You can really tell how much energy you put into achieving this.

Day 227

Zapatero a tus zapatos (Spain)

Shoemaker to your shoes

stick to what you know

Spanish Example:

Zapatero a tus zapatos.

English Example:

You should stick to what you know.

Day 228

Como un niño con zapatos nuevos (Mexico)

Like a kid with new shoes

Very happy

Spanish Example:

Se te nota como un niño con zapatos nuevos en esta etapa de guitarra solista.

English Example:

You seem like a kid with a new toy with your new stage as a solo guitarist.

Day 229

¡Tierra trágame! (Spain)

Earth, swallow me!

Expression used when you’re embarrassed about something

Spanish Example:

¡Tragame tierra! He dejado mi corpiño en su casa.

English Example:

Kill me now! I forgot my bra in his house.

Day 230

Estar colado por alguien (Spain)

To be smitten for someone

To be in love with someone

Spanish Example:

Podrías haber dicho que no, si seguías colado por Emma.

English Example:

You could have said no if you were still hung up on Emma.

Day 231

Estar loco por alguien (Spain)

To be crazy about someone

To be in love with someone

Spanish Example:

Te pedí matrimonio porque estaba loco por ti.

English Example:

I asked you to marry me because I was crazy about you.