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Week 34 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 232

Ponerse como un tomate (Mexico)

To turn red like a tomato

To blush, to turn beet red

Spanish Example:

Se puso rojo como un tomate y ni siquiera se atrevió a mirarme.

English Example:

He turned beet red, and he wouldn't even look at me.

Day 233

(Estar) como si nada (Mexico)

(To be) like nothing

To do something like it´s no big deal

Spanish Example:

Y luego ellos se llevaron el armario, como si nada.

English Example:

And then they just took the armoire, like it was nothing.

Day 234

Un flechazo (Spain)

An arrow shot

Love at first sight

Spanish Example:

No he tenido un flechazo desde Sean Cassidy.

English Example:

I haven't had a crush since Sean Cassidy.

Day 235

Aburrirse como una ostra (Spain)

To get bored like an oyster

To be very bored

Spanish Example:

Aburrido como una ostra, ¿verdad?

English Example:

Bored to death, aren't you?

Day 236

Partirse de risa (Spain)

To break from laughter

To laugh a lot

Spanish Example:

Vamos, te partirás de risa.

English Example:

Seriously, you´ll bend over laughing.

Day 237

Tu media naranja (Mexico)

Your half orange

Your love, your better half, perfect partner, soulmate

Spanish Example:

Estoy muy contenta de que hayas encontrado a tu media naranja.

English Example:

I'm so happy that you've found your soulmate.

Day 238

Quedarse de piedra (Spain)

To be left like stone

To be astonished

Spanish Example:

¡Debió de quedarse de piedra!

English Example:

That must have been a shock for him!