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Week 36 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 246

Ser un bocazas (Spain)

To be a big mouth

To be a blabbermouth, to say more than you´re supposed to

Spanish Example:

Sí, tiende a ser bocazas.

English Example:

Yes, she is usually a blabbermouth

Day 247

Ser seco (Spain)

To be dry

To be curt in character)

Spanish Example:

He oído que el nuevo es seco y aburrido.

English Example:

I heard the new student is curt and boring.

Day 248

Ser un agarrado (Spain)

To be caught

To be stingy

Spanish Example:

Creí que sería un agarrado, pero es bastante generoso

English Example:

I didn't think... you know, I thought he'd be stingy, but he's pretty generous.

Day 249

Importar algo un pimiento (Spain)

To care a pepper about something

To not care about something

Spanish Example:

Ahora te portas como si te importara un pimiento.

English Example:

Now you behave as if you couldn't care less.

Day 250

darse una torta (Spain)

To  slap yourself

To fall, to crash with something

Spanish Example:

Estaba corriendo a clases y me di una torta con la puerta.

English Example:

I was running to class and I crashed into the door.

Day 251

Dar una torta a alguien (Spain)

To slap someone

To slap or smack someone

Spanish Example:

mi mamá me dio una torta por que no me quedaba quieta.

English Example:

My mother gave me a smack because I wouldn´t stay still

Day 252

Estar como un fideo (Spain)

To be like a noodle

To be very thin

Spanish Example:

Esteban, era delgado como un fideo.

English Example:

Esteban was as thin as a rake.