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Week 37 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 253

Ponerse como una sopa (Spain)

To get as wet as soup

To get very wet, usually when it's raining

Spanish Example:

El perro esta como una sopa, ¡vaya tormenta!

English Example:

The dog is soaking wet, what a storm!

Day 254

Mandar a alguien a freír espárragos (Spain)

To send someone to fry asparagus

It is used normally after a fight, it means you don't want to see that person; to get thrown out/ kicked out

Spanish Example:

Si llegamos y a ambos nos mandan a freír espárragos, nos vemos en el próximo autobús.

English Example:

If we get there and both get kicked to the curb, we meet on the next bus out.

Day 255

Ser del año de la pera (Spain)

To be from the year of the pear

To be very old

Spanish Example:

En realidad es del año de la pera.

English Example:

It's actually pretty old.

Day 256

Dar las uvas (Spain)

Togive the grapes

It is used when you're waiting for something or someone too much time

Spanish Example:

Nos van a dar las uvas.

English Example:

We're going to wait here all night.

Day 257

Estar como un flan (Spain)

To be like a flan

To be very nervous

Spanish Example:

Pero, a decir verdad, estoy como un flan.

English Example:

But to tell you the truth, I'm a nervous wreck.

Day 258

Proclamar algo a los cuatro vientos (Spain)

To proclaim something to the four winds

To tell something to everybody; to shout from the rooftops

Spanish Example :

Prometa que no recibiré la pena de muerte y lo gritaré a los cuatro vientos.

English Example:

Take the death penalty off of the table... and I'll shout it from the rooftops.

Day 259

Hacer oídos sordos (Spain)

To make deaf ears

To pretend you didn't hear something

Spanish Example:

Después de Auschwitz, cabría pensar que nadie tendría el derecho de hacer la vista gorda o el oído sordo a lo que pasó.

English Example:

After Auschwitz, one might think that no one had the right to turn a blind eye, or a deaf ear, to what was happening.