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Week 38 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 260

Leer entre líneas (Mexico)

To read between the lines

To understand a hidden message

Spanish Example:

Las personas pueden leer entre lineas, Trey.

English Example:

People can read between the lines, Trey.

Day 261

Hacer algo de un tirón (Spain)

To do something by a pull

To do something all at once; in one fell swoop

Spanish Example:

Lo convencí de hacer el trayecto de un solo tirón.

English Example:

I talked him into making the journey in one fell swoop.

Day 262

Al pie de la letra (Mexico)

At the foot of the letter

To Follow someone´s instructions perfectly; to know something perfectly

Spanish Example:

Mientras esté a cargo de este caso... seguirán mis órdenes al pie de la letra.

English Example:

As long as I'm in charge of this case, you will follow my orders to the letter.

Day 263

Estar pegado a algo (Spain)

To be pasted to something

To stick to something or someone

Spanish Example:

Sólo está pegada a ti porque te ve como una persona bondadosa.

English Example:

She's only sticking to your side because she sees you as a kind-hearted person.

Day 264

Estar enganchado a algo (Spain)

To be hooked on something

To be addicted

Spanish Example:

Aún está enganchado a Lucy y sólo necesita a alguien que lo distraiga.

English Example:

He's still hung up on Lucy and he just needs someone to distract him.

Day 265

Colgarse (ordenador) (Spain)

To hang (computer)

To crash (computer)

Spanish Example:

Llamen a Informática, se colgó mi computador.

English Example:

Somebody get me MIS, my computer just crashed.

Day 266

Estar en las nubes (Mexico)

To be on the clouds

To be distracted/absent-minded

Spanish Example:

Está en las nubes la mitad del tiempo.

English Example:

She's daydreaming half the time.