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Week 39 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 267

Saber algo al dedillo (Spain)

To know something by the small finger

To know something perfectly

Spanish Example:

Me conozco el sistema al dedillo.

English Example:

I know every inch of the system.

Day 268

Estar chupado  (Spain)

To be licked

To be very easy

Spanish Example:

Está chupado, para una chica listo como yo.

English Example:

This is Easy for a clever girl like me.

Day 269

Quedarse en blanco (Mexico)

To goblank

To something you know for a moment

Spanish Example:

Cuando estaba en mis finales hace algunos años me quede en blanco, me congele.

English Example:

When I sat my finals a few years ago, I went blank, just froze.

Day 270

Calentarse la cabeza (uno mismo) (Spain)

To warm up your own head

To worry about problems

Spanish Example:

No se calentó más la cabeza y fue directo al asunto.

English Example:

He didn't worry about it anymore and went straight to the point.

Day 271

Calentarle la cabeza (a alguien) (Spain)

To warm up someone's head

To talk too much to someone, usually about your problems

Spanish Example:

Rocco le calentó la cabeza, nada más.

English Example:

Rocco just got him all worked up, that's all.

Day 272

Ser un fiera (Spain)

To be a beast

To be a talented person

Spanish Example:

Pablo eres un Fiera en Matemáticas !

English Example:

Pablo, you are great at math!

Day 273

Ser un hacha (Spain)

To be an axe

To be a talented person

Spanish Example:

Nuestra querida y vieja mamá es un hacha con el rifle.

English Example:

Our dear old mum's gifted with the rifle.