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Week 4 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 22

Consultar algo con la almohada (Mexico)

To consult something with the pillow

To need time to think about an important decision, usually when you go to bed; to sleep on (something).

Spanish Example:

¿Vas a prestarme el dinero ? No sé, lo voy a consultar con la almohada..

English Example:

Are you going to lend me the money? I don´t know, I´ll sleep on it.

Day 23

Irse el santo al cielo (Spain)

The saint goes to the sky

To forget something or to be distracted; to lose track of time

Spanish Example

Perdona, se me fue el santo al cielo.

English Example:

Sorry, I totally lost track of time.

Day 24

Matar el gusanillo (Spain)

To kill the little worm

To eat something (a snack, for example) when you're too hungry to wait for the food

Spanish Example:

El producto ideal para disfrutar entre horas y matar el gusanillo.

English Example:

The ideal product to enjoy between meals and to keep you going.

Day 25

Estar como una cuba (Spain)

To be like a barrel or a vat

To be drunk, plastered

Spanish Example

Si sigues bebiendo Tequila, en diez minutos estarás borracho como una cuba

English Example:

If you keep drinking Tequila, in 10 minutes, you'll be plastered.

Day 26

Comerse a alguien con los ojos (Spain)

To eat someone with the eyes

To look deeply into someone, usually with desire or lust

Spanish Example:

Nos quieren comer con los ojos.

English Example:

They are ogling at us.

Day 27

Comerse el coco (Spain)

To eat your own head

To think too much about something, usually a problem; to obsess about an issue

Spanish Example:

Aunque te comas el coco, nunca sabrás por qué no te quiere.

English Example:

There's no point obsessing about it, you will never know why she doesn't love you.

Day 28

Comerse un marrón (Spain)

To eat a brown

To receive/solve a problem that isn't yours and nobody wants to take care of because it's complicated/delicate.

Spanish Example:

No me voy a comer el marrón yo sola.

English Example:

I won't deal with this by myself.