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Week 40 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 274

No ser santo de mi devoción (Mexico)

Not to be saint of my devotion

Not to like something/someone

Spanish Example:

Sabéis que ella no es santo de mi devoción, pero estuvo genial.

English Example:

You guys know she's not my favorite person, but she was great.

Day 275

Haber llovido mucho desde (Spain)

To have rained a lot since

To have passed a lot of time

Spanish Example:

Además, ha llovido mucho desde entonces, ¿qué importancia tiene?

English Example:

But what does it matter after all this time?

Day 276

Lluvia (de algo) (Spain)

Rain (of something)

A lot (of something)

Spanish Example:

Preparándome para protegerte de una lluvia de balas.

English Example:

Bracing myself to shield you from a hail of bullets.

Day 277

Como caído del cielo (Mexico)

Like fallen from the sky

It is used when something happens unexpectedly, and it is very appropriate for you

Spanish Example:

Como caído del cielo, el futuro llegará.

English Example:

Like a bolt out of the blue, fate will step in.

Day 278

Llover (a alguien algo) (Spain)

To rain (to someone something)

To receive (someone) a lot of (something)

Spanish Example:

Vamos Joe, Vernon y todo su séquito hacen llover dinero a donde van.

English Example:

Come on, Joe. Vernon and his entire crew, they make money rain wherever they go.

Day 279

Una tormenta (de algo) (Spain)

A storm (of something)

A lot (of something)

Spanish Example:

Este nivel de precisión ha desatado una tormenta de innovación.

English Example

This level of accuracy has unleashed a firestorm of innovation.

Day 280

Poner a alguien por las nubes (Spain)

To put someone on the clouds

To talk in a very good way about someone

Spanish Example:

Cuando me habló de ti, te puso por las nubes

English Example:

When he spoke about you, he spoke highly of you.