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Week 41 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 281

Darse un aire (a alguien) (Spain)

To give an air (to someone)

To look like someone

Spanish Example:

Él dice que ella tiene un aire a Amy Winehouse.

English Example:

He says that she has an Amy Winehouselook.

Day 282

Aires de grandeza (Mexico)

Glory airs

Glory pretensions

Spanish Example:

No empieces con aires de grandeza.

English Example:

Don't be getting delusions of grandeur.

Day 283

Cambiar de aires (Mexico)

To change of airs

To move somewhere, to start from zero

Spanish Example:

A veces hace bien cambiar de aire.

English Example:

It's good for people to get away sometimes...

Day 284

Vivir del aire (Spain)

To live from the air

To live without working

Spanish Example:

Llevo 5 semanas en la calle, nadie puede vivir del aire.

English Example:

I've been 5 weeks on the street, nobody can live off the air.

Day 285

Beber los vientos por alguien (Spain)

To drink the winds for someone

To be in love with someone; same as “to carry a torch for someone”

Spanish Example:

Está claro que Paul aún bebe los vientos por Cassandra.

English Example:

It's clear that Paul still carries a torch for Cassandra.

Day 286

Con viento fresco (Spain)

With fresh wind

Go and good riddance!

Spanish Example:

Si te estoy aburriendo puedes marcharte con viento fresco.

English Example:

If I'm boring you, you can walk away and good riddance.

Day 287

Viento en popa (Spain)

Wind on stern

It is used to talk about something that is going in a good way

Spanish Example:

Ahora, cuando todo iba viento en popa.

English Example:

Now, when everything was smooth sailing.