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Week 43 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 295

Aguantar el carro (Perú)

To hold the car

Wait a moment

Spanish Example:

Pero no tienes razón. Oye, aguanta el carro, te voy a explicar.

English Example:

But you're not right. Hey, hold on, let me explain.

Day 296

Ahí los vidrios (Mexico)

There the pieces of glass

See you later

Spanish Example:

Bueno, ya me voy. Ahí los vidrios, entonces.

English Example:

Well, I gotta go, see you later.

Day 297

Al toque (Argentina)

At the touch

Right now

Spanish Example:

Debemos finalizar el trabajo al toque.

English Example:

We must finish this job right now.

Day 298

Arroz con mango (Cuba)

Rice with mango

When you mix two things that are not good together

Spanish Example:

Lo que dijo el profe es un arroz con mango.

English Example:

What the teacher said doesn't make any sense.

Day 299

A forro (Perú)

By lining

A lot

Spanish Example:

Voy a estudiar a forro para aprobar el examen.

English Example:

I have to study a lot if I want to pass the exam.

Day 300

Caer gordo (alguien) (Mexico)

To fall fat (to someone)

Dislike someone

Spanish Example:

Nadie tiene derecho de matar a un animal nomas porque le cae gordo.

English Example:

Nobody has the right to kill an animal just because he/she doesn't like it.

Day 301

Choque y fuga (Perú)

Crash and escape

Short relationship, generally a one night relation

Spanish Example:

Lo de nosotros fue un choque y fuga nada más.

English Example:

What we had was a just a one night stand, no more