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Week 44 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 302

Dar bola (Argentina)

To give a ball'

To love someone back

Spanish Example:

No te va a dar bola.

English Example:

She won't even notice you.

Day 303

Dar forata (Perú)

To give 'forata'

To fire someone from the job

Spanish Example:

Si no cumplo el programa, me dan forata.

English Example:

If I don't follow the schedule, I'll get fired.

Day 304

Echar tierrita a algo (Mexico)

To throw small land to something

To forget something or to accept that you lost it

Spanish Example:

Él quiere echar tierra sobre el asunto.

English Example:

He just wants to forget about the issue.

Day 305

Empinar el codo (Mexico)

To tip up the elbow

To drink a lot of alcohol

Spanish Example:

Todo cambió desde que empezó a empinar el codo..

English Example:

Everything changed since he starded drinking..

Day 306

Estar aguja (Perú)

To be needle

To be without money

Spanish Example:

¿Me prestas cinco soles? No, hermano, estoy aguja.

English Example:

Can you lend me five dollars? Sorry, brother, I'm out of money.

Day 307

Estar en bola (Perú)

To be on ball

To be pregnant

Spanish Example:

¿Me han contado que la vecina está en bola.

English Example:

I've been told that the neighbour is pregnant.

Day 308

Estar en Bolivia (Perú)

To be on Bolivia

To not know something

Spanish Example:

Su hermano está en Bolivia, ¿cierto?

English Example:

Your brother doesn't understand anything, does he?