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Week 45 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 309

Hacer el gancho (Argentina)

To make the hook

To ask someone to contact with a boy/girl he knows, usually when you want to know him/her deeper; to ask someone to “hook you up”

Spanish Example:

Te podría hacer gancho con una de sus amigas gigantes.

English Example:

You know, I could set you up with one of her giant friends.

Day 310

Hacerla linda (Perú)

To make it beautiful

Something that is going to be good

Spanish Example:

Hemos comprado hartas cajas de cerveza. ¡Con esto la hacemos linda!

English Example:

We've bought several boxes of beer, we'll rock it!

Day 311

Morir el payaso (Perú)

To die the clown

When a project is finished

Spanish Example:

Ya no trabajo en eso, ya se murió el payaso.

English Example:

I don´t work on that, It´s done.

Day 312

Sacar la vuelta (Perú)

To extract the lap

To cheat your boy/girlfriend

Spanish Example:

Lo que pasó fue que Carlos le sacó la vuelta a Inés, por eso terminaron.

English Example:

Carlos cheated on Ines, that's why they broke up.

Day 313

Ser del otro equipo (Mexico)

To be from the other team

To be homosexual

Spanish Example:

No le gustan los chicos, es del otro equipo.

English Example:

She's not into boys, she's from the other team.

Day 314

Ser pollo (Perú)

To be chicken

To get drunk very fast

Spanish Example:

No toma mucho porque es pollo.

English Example:

He doesn't drink too much because he's a lightweight.

Day 315

Suelto en plaza (Perú)

Unleashed on square

To be single

Spanish Example:

Estoy suelto en plaza, así que llámame.

English Example:

I'm single, so call me.