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Week 46 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 316

Tirar arroz (Perú)

To throw rice

To show indifference about someone or something

Spanish Example:

No me gusta tirar arroz a nadie, pero ese hombre se cree mucho.

English Example:

I don’t like to put anybody down, but that man has an inflated opinion of himself.

Day 317

Ser un gallina (Mexico)

To be a hen

To be a coward

Spanish Example:

El primero que gire antes de estrellarnos es un gallina.

English Example:

First one to turn before we smash is a chicken.

Day 318

Ser un rata (Spain)

To be a rat

To be an stingy

Spanish Example:

Señores, alguien que creí de confianza es una rata.

English Example:

Gentlemen, someone I thought I could trust is a rat.

Day 319

Hablar como un loro/una cotorra (Mexico)

To talk like a parrot

To talk too much

Spanish Example:

Agarraron a los dos hombres de Moisés que desertaron... y hablaron como cotorras.

English Example:

They caught two of Moisés' men who deserted, and they talked like parrots.

Day 320

Estar pez (Spain)

To be a fish

To be distracted

Spanish Example:

Estoy pez en matemáticas.

English Example:

I don't know anything about Maths.

Day 321

Ir cargado como una mula (Mexico)

To go over-loaded like a mule

To carry a lot of weight/stuff

Spanish Example:

Sola, cargada como una mula.

English Example:

All alone, loaded up like a mule.

Day 322

Tener memoria de elefante (Mexico)

To have an elephant's memory

To have a very good memory

Spanish Example:

Tengo un gran corazón y una memoria de elefante.

English Example:

I've got a big heart, and the memory of an elephant.