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Week 47 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 323

Tener memoria de pez (Mexico)

To have the memory of a fish

To have a terrible memory

Spanish Example:

Tiene una memoria de pez, pero lo está haciendo bien contigo, Adam.

English Example:

She's got a memory of a fish, but she is doing well with you, Adam.

Day 324

Pagar el pato (Spain)

To pay the duck

To assume the consequences of something you didn't do, to take the rap for something

Spanish Example:

Todos rompimos la ventana, pero yo pagué el pato..

English Example:

 We all broke the window, but I was one who took the rap for it. .

Day 325

Estar fuerte como un toro (Spain)

To be strong like a bull

To be very strong

Spanish Example:

Una pizca de esto te hará fuerte como un toro.

English Example:

Just a pinch will make you strong as a bull.

Day 326

Ser de la otra acera (Spain)

To be from the other sidewalk

To be homosexual

Spanish Example:

Éste es de la otra acera.

English Example:

I can tell he isn't straight.

Day 327

Llegar a las manos (Spain)

To arrive to the hands

To have a fist fight with someone

Spanish Example:

¿Y no puedes hablar de ello? ¿Por qué tuvo que llegar a las manos?

English Example:

So, you can't have a conversation about that? Why did this have to get physical?

Day 328

Ser un culo de mal asiento (Spain)

To be an ass of bad seat

When someone doesn't like in the same place for too long(house, work, city…)

Spanish Example:

Se mudó de nuevo, es que es un culo de mal asiento..

English Example:

He moved out again, he can´t stay in one place for too long.

Day 329

Ser un culo inquieto (Spain)

To be a restless ass

When someone doesn't like in the same place for too long( (house, work, city…)

Spanish Example:

Ni terminó su proyecto anterior y ya empezó otro, ella es un culo inquieto.

English Example:

Se didn´t even finish her last project and already started another, she´s so restless.