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Week 48 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 330

Hablar con el corazón en la mano (Mexico)

To talk with my hand on my heart

To talk sincerely, similar to “from the bottom of my heart”

Spanish Example:

Caminé hacia tu puerta  para hablar con el corazón en la mano.

English Example:

I walked to your door to talk with from the bottom of my heart..

Day 331

Tener el corazón en un puño (Mexico)

To have the heart in a fist

To be really worried about something

Spanish Example:

Todo el mundo esperaba, con el corazón en un puño.

English Example:

Everyone waited, holding their breath.

Day 332

Tener mala uva (Spain)

To have bad grape

To have bad character

Spanish Example:

Tu abuela tiene mala uva cuando conoce a alguien.

English Example:

Your grandma has a bad character when she first meets someone.

Day 333

Ser la pera (Spain)

To be the pear

To be amazing, astounding

Spanish Example:

¡Esto es la pera, amigo mío!

English Example:

This is amazing, my friend!

Day 334

Caer en las garras de alguien (Mexico)

To fall into someone's claws

To let yourself be fooled by someone

Spanish Example:

Tarde o temprano, también caerás en mis garras.

English Example:

Sooner or later, you'll fall into my clutches, too.

Day 335

Cerrar el pico (Mexico)

To close the beak

To stop talking

Spanish Example:

Cierra el pico y presta atención.

English Example:

Shut your mouth and pay attention.

Day 336

¡No me vengas con cuentos! (Mexico)

Don't come to me with tales!

Expression used when someone tries to justify an action with bad excuses

Spanish Example:

Lo he visto todo, ¡No me vengas con cuentos!

English Example:

I've seen it all, don't try to fool me!