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Week 49 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 337

Un cuento chino (Mexico)

A chinese story

A story you don't believe

Spanish Example:

¿Lo del divorcio también era un cuento chino?

English Example:

So this divorce business was just another lie?

Day 338

Vivir del cuento (Spain)

To live from the story

To live without working

Spanish Example:

No puedes vivir del cuento, debes buscar un trabajo.

English Example:

You can't live off nothing, you must find a job.

Day 339

Estar sin blanca (Spain)

To be without white

To be without money

Spanish Example:

¡No puedes estar sin blanca un martes!

English Example:

You can't be broke on Tuesday!.

Day 340

Pasar la noche en blanco (Spain)

To stay the night on white

Not to sleep

Spanish Example:

Cuando estaba en Tokio, me hizo pasar muchas noches en blanco.

English Example:

When I was in Tokyo, you gave me many a sleepless nights.

Day 341

Poner verde a alguien (Spain)

To put someone green

To criticise someone

Spanish Example:

Belén estaba poniendo verde a Esteban esta tarde en la cafetería.

English Example:

Belen was criticizing Esteban today on the coffee shop.

Day 342

Ir de punta en blanco (Spain)

To go point on white

To go all dressed up

Spanish Example:

De punta en blanco y sin sitio a donde ir.

English Example:

All dressed up, nowhere to go.

Day 343

Príncipe azul (Mexico)

Blue prince

The perfect boy every girl desires

Spanish Example:

Parece que Chloe encontró su Príncipe Azul.

English Example:

Looks like Chloe snagged herself a Prince Charming.