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Week 5 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 29

A bulto (Spain)

By package

At first glance; to estimate based on a first look

Spanish Example:

No puedo ver bien la caja, pero asi, a bulto, estimo que hay unas 30 unidades.

English Example:

I can't see the box, but by the looks of it, there could be 30 units.

Day 30

A la vuelta de la esquina (Spain)

around the corner

Very near; justa round the corner

Spanish Example

Las oportunidades están a la vuelta de la esquina.

English Example:

Opportunities are just around the corner.

Day 31

A ojo de buen cubero (Spain)

By eye of good cooper

To do something in an approximate way, without accuracy and without measuring tools; to estimate

Spanish Example:

A ojo de buen cubero, calculamos que caja mide 1 pie y medio..

English Example:

By a rough estimation, we calculate that each box is about a foot and a half

Day 32

A otro perro con ese hueso (Spain)

To another dog with that bone

When you don't believe what someone is telling you, and you suggest to tell that story to another person.

Spanish Example

¡A otro perro con ese hueso!

English Example:

Go try that on someone else.

Day 33

A palo seco (Spain)

By a dry stick

To eat/drink something by itself. (for example, an alcohol drink without any mix)

Spanish Example:

Camarero Por favor, ponme un ron a palo seco

English Example:

Bar tender, please, A glass of rum, straight in, no water.

Day 34

Ahuecar el ala (Spain)

To scoop out the wing

To leave

Spanish Example:

Si eso es lo que hace, ya puede ahuecar el ala.

English Example:

If that's what you're doing, get out of here.

Day 35

Al tun tun (Spain)

By the 'tun tun'

Something made in a random way

Spanish Example:

Uno no se abalanza sobre este tipo de cosas al tun tun.

English Example:

You don't just randomly jump into these sort of things .