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Week 51 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 351

Crecerle la nariz a alguien (Mexico)

someone´s nose grows

To lie

Spanish Example:

¡Si no dejas de mentir te crecerá la nariz!

English Example:

You better stop lying, or your nose will grow!

Day 352

Tirarle de la lengua a alguien (Spain)

To throw the tongue to someone

To force someone to tell you something he/she doesn't want

Spanish Example:

Me estás tirando de la lengua para entrar en polémica.

English Example:

You're provoking me to talk in order to get into an argument.

Day 353

Trabajar codo con codo (Spain)

To work elbow with elbow

To work together

Spanish Example:

Pongámonos a trabajar todos juntos, codo con codo.

English Example:

Let's all start working together, side by side.

Day 354

Hincar los codos (Spain)

To thrust the elbows

To study a lot

Spanish Example:

Tengo un examen mañana, tendré que hincar los codos si quiero aprobar.

English Example:

I've got an exam tomorrow, I'll need to study hard if I want to pass.

Day 355

No pegar ojo (Mexico)

Not to shut an eye

Not be able to sleep

Spanish Example:

Me alegra que alguien durmiera bien, porque yo no pude pegar ojo.

English Example:

I'm glad somebody slept well last night, because I couldn't get a wink.

Day 356

Estar preñada (Spain)

To be 'pregnant

To be pregnant

Spanish Example:

Lamentablemente, la leona resultó estar preñada.

English Example:

Unfortunately, the lion turned out to be pregnant.

Day 357

Estar en estado (Mexico)

To be on state

To be pregnant

Spanish Example:

Hoy por la mañana mi esposa me dio la noticia de que está en estado. ¡Fue una gran sorpresa!

English Example:

This morning my wife gave me the news that she is pregnant. It was a great surprise!