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Week 52 – Spanish Idioms Copy

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Day 358

Estar muerto (Mexico)

To be dead

To be very tired

Spanish Example:

Aún quedan dos horas y ya estoy muerto.

English Example:

Still two hours left and I'm so tired.

Day 359

Helarse tostando pan (Spain)

To freeze while toasting bread

To be cold most of the time

Spanish Example:

Sin importar el clima, tú te estás helando tostando el pan.

English Example:

It doesn´t matter what kind of weather it is, you´re always freezing.

Day 360

Estar hasta el moño (Spain)

To be until the bun

To be sick of something/someone

Spanish Example:

¡Estoy hasta el moño!

English Example:

I am so done with it!

Day 361

Ser (algo) harina de otro costal (Mexico)

To be (something) flour from other sack

To be a different /topic

Spanish Example:

El tema de los puestos de trabajo es harina de otro costal.

English Example:

The question of jobs is a completely different issue.

Day 362

Cada dos por tres (Spain)

Every three for two

Very often

Spanish Example:

Las chicas me dejan cada dos por tres.

English Example:

Girls break up with me all the time.

Day 363

Ser un manazas (Spain)

To be a big-hands

To be very clumsy

Spanish Example:

Las enfermeras de por aquí son unas manazas.

English Example:

The nurses around here are all thumbs.

Day 364

Ser un cascarrabias (Mexico)

To be a break-angers

To be a grouch

Spanish Example:

¡Cuidado, que es un cascarrabias de verdad.

English Example:

Watch out, he's a real grouch.

Day 365

Hacer un siglo (Mexico)

A century ago

It is used to express something happened a long time ago

Spanish Example:

Abandonaste a Duvall a su suerte hace un siglo.

English Example:

You left Duvall to his fate a long time ago.