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Week 6 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 36

¡Anda ya! (Spain)

¡Walk now!

Expression used when someone tells you something and you don't believe it; similar to “come on!”

Spanish Example:

Anda ya, todo el mundo se acuerda de la escuela.

English Example:

Come on, everybody remembers school.

Day 37

Arrimar el hombro (Spain)

To put the shoulders against

To help with a job; to pitch in

Spanish Example

Bueno, tendremos que arrimar el hombro, supongo.

English Example:

Well, we'll have to pitch in, I suppose.

Day 38

Arrojar perlas a los cerdos (Spain)

To throw pearls to the pigs

To offer your time or your effort to someone who doesn't value or deserve it

Spanish Example:

Ofrecerle un libro tan bonito a alguien que no lo puede apreciar, es arrojar perlas a los cerdos.

English Example:

Offering such a beautiful book to someone who cannot appreciate it is throwing pearls before swine

Day 39

Bajar la guardia (Spain)

Lower one's guard

To relax one´s defensive posture.

Spanish Example

No puedes bajar la guardia así, nunca.

English Example:

You can't let your guard down like that, ever.

Day 40

Caer en saco roto (Spain)

To fall in a ripped sack

To give an advice to someone that they will not keep in mind

Spanish Example:

Pero su alegato en favor de las regiones constitucionales, naturalmente, no va a caer en saco roto.

English Example:

But your plea for constitutional regions is, of course, not falling on deaf ears.

Day 41

Cantar las cuarenta (Spain)

To sing the forty

To give a scolding, a good talking-to

Spanish Example:

En cuanto Meg entre por esa puerta, le voy a cantar las cuarenta.

English Example:

As soon as Meg walks through that door, I am giving her a good talking-to.

Day 42

Como agua de Mayo (Spain)

Like water of May

When something occurs to you in the best moment, just when you need it.

Spanish Example:

Espera su dinero como agua de mayo.

English Example:

He's been waiting for the money like a godsend.