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Week 7 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 43

Como Pedro por su casa (Spain)

Like Peter on his home

When someone feels very comfortable in a place

Spanish Example:

Él actúa como Pedro por su casa.

English Example:

He acts like he owns the place.

Day 44

Como un libro abierto (Spain)

Like an open book

A person who doesn't hide anything, a very sincere one

Spanish Example:

Mi vida es como un libro abierto para usted.

English Example:

My life is like an open book to you.

Day 45

Con la iglesia hemos topado (Spain)

With the Church we had run into

To show your impotence or resignation because there is a superior power that commands you, similar to: You can´t fight city Hall

Spanish Example:

- Lo siento, mi esposa no me dejará ir de pesca el fin de semana. – Bueno, con la iglesia hemos topado.

English Example:

Sorry but my wife won't let me go fishing this weekend.

Well, you can't fight City Hall.!

Day 46

Con la miel en los labios (Spain)

With the honey on the lips

When you're going to have or achieve something and in the last moment you can't

Spanish Example:

Nos ha dejado un poco con la miel en los labios.

English Example:

He has left us with our mouths watering.

Day 47

Coser y cantar (Spain)

To sew and to dance

To be very easy; a piece of cake.

Spanish Example:

Con tu experiencia, será coser y cantar.

English Example:

With your experience, it should be a piece of cake.

Day 48

Costar un huevo (Mexico)

To cost an egg

To be very expensive

Spanish Example:

¡Ese anillo me va a costar un huevo!

English Example:

That ring is going to cost me a fortune!

Day 49

Quedarle dos telediarios (a alguien o algo) (Spain)

To have two TV news remaining (to someone or something)

When something has little useful life left, it is close to an end

Spanish Example:

A esta camisa le quedan 2 telediarios.

English Example:

This shirt is at the end of its usefulness.