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Week 8 – Spanish Idioms Copy Copy

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Day 50

Ser otro cantar (algo) (Spain)

To be a different song

When you talk about something completely different

Spanish Example:

Físicamente está bien, pero emocionalmente es otro cantar.

English Example:

Physically he'll be fine. Emotionally, that's another story.

Day 51

Ser la bomba (Spain)

To be the bomb

To be very funny; a big hit

Spanish Example

¡Hal va a ser la bomba!

English Example:

Hal is going to be huge!

Day 52

Dar en el clavo (Spain)

To hit on the nail

To hit the target - It´s used when you give a correct argument; in English, “to nail” something

Spanish Example:

Cuando sospecha algo, suele dar en el clavo.

English Example:

When he suspects something, he usually nails it.

Day 53

Dar en el blanco (Spain)

To hit the target

To hit the target - in a colloquial way, it is used when you give a correct argument

Spanish Example

Y esta caricatura dio en el blanco.

English Example:

And this cartoon hit the bull's eye.

Day 54

De cara a la galería (Spain)

facing the gallery

To do something just for others' opinions

Spanish Example:

Ese proceso debe avanzar con rapidez, sin gestos de cara a la galería, sin presumir y sin palabras vanas.

English Example:

That process must proceed swiftly, without posing, or empty words.

Day 55

Conversación de besugos (Spain)

Dialogue between red sea bream

A conversation which it's not interesting, just dumb things, jibber-jabbering

Spanish Example:

Bueno, más le vale dejar la conversación de besugos y empezar a brillar.

English Example:

Well, she better stop jibber-jabbering and start shining.

Day 56

Dorar la píldora (Spain)

To bronze the pill

To suck up to someone, to flatter

Spanish Example:

Me pagan para dorar la píldora a los ricos.

English Example:

I'm paid to flatter the rich.